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    Home / Masking tape: behind the mask

    Masking tape: behind the mask

    Production and features of PPM Industries’ masking tapes

    PPM Industries has been producing masking tapes and innovative masking solutions for more than 25 years. During this time, we have refined processes, increased effectiveness, tested new materials up to create the best solution for each specific purpose. On this page, we focus on the details of the production process and introduce our product lines.

    Masking tape production

    Each masking tape is the perfect balance between holding power and adhesive gentleness, support resistance and lightness. To achieve such result, we created adhesives that guarantee excellent holding with a limited tack, designed to adapt to and respect any surface. We coupled the adhesives to a special paper backing that varies according to the application of the tape. Let’s go into detail.

    The secrets of the adhesive

    In the production of our masking tapes, we use three different types of adhesive, each one with specific features. Besides solvent borne rubber resin, we employ solvent free rubber resin and water base acrylic to offer two ecofriendly alternatives with no solvent at all. All the adhesives employed guarantee:

    • Good holding power on different materials
    • Long resistance
    • Clean removal without adhesive residue.

    The paper backing

    Paper is the perfect support for masking tapes as it is a light and economic material, which becomes flexible and resistant when properly treated. In addition, it is easy to tear manually to obtain a stripe of the desired length. In our masking tapes, we employ saturated crepe paper, high crepe paper and washi paper.

    Types of masking tapes

    PPM Industries manufactures a complete range of masking tapes for the panting, building and automotive markets. The products are scaled to meet different quality requirements and answer the needs of both DIY painters and professionals.

    Painting masking tapes

    To the painting market we offer both utility and professional masking tapes, designed for a range of applications that vary from indoor masking on delicate surfaces to outdoor use in weather conditions. The solutions available include:

    1. General use masking tapes in different grades
    2. Low tack masking tapes for use on delicate surfaces
    3. Water resistant masking tapes for outdoor use
    4. Different types of fine line masking tapes for precision works.

    Automotive masking tapes

    This category includes the masking tapes produced for the automotive refinish market. The products are aimed at professional body shops that look for an efficient, convenient and fast solution to mask off vehicles for painting and drying in booth. The tapes available all boast excellent high temperature resistance with values that vary from tape to tape, reaching up to 120°C for one hour in the top-of-the-range product (PPM 5040). This is a fine line tape ideal for high precision jobs, such as two-tone vehicle painting. Discover more about our automotive masking tapes on the dedicated page.

    With PPM 3610 we offer a versatile masking tape with waterproof properties and superb resistance to moisture. The tape, available in different colors, provides high temperature resistance up to 90°C for one hour and 110°C for 30 minutes.

    Private Label

    On request, our technical staff is ready to discuss customized projects and design tailor-made solutions to meet specific requirements. As a leading masking tape producer, we are able to offer the best product according to your needs. With our Private Label service, you can customize the tape as far as the core, the packaging and the label are concerned, printing your brand on the final product. Trust in PPM Industries’ high quality solutions if you have to complement your portfolio or expand your range of products!

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