Masking Tapes

Masking tapes are extremely versatile, easy to tear, easy to unwind, lightly adhesive solutions that can be used for many purposes. Originally, masking tapes were used specifically to mask auto parts from painting. Today, in addition to this application, masking tapes are used for all kinds of professional and DIY painting jobs. They guarantee clean and sharp edges and prevent paint from dripping.

According to the various fields of application, PPM offers a wide range of paper masking tapes.

Find out the full range of PPM masking tapes, with various types designed for different uses: painting and building, automotive refinishing & collision repair.

Here you will find our range of masking tapes for different uses:

  • Masking tape for painting and building
  • Masking tape for the automotive industry


Masking tape for painting

Masking tapes for painting and building applications cover both the needs of professional painters and do-it-yourself painters (Utility painter’s masking tape). The range includes tapes for both indoor and outdoor environments, with different degrees of adhesion for various surfaces.

You will then find general-purpose tapes, low tack masking tapes for the most delicate surfaces (ideal for restorations or painting on decorated walls), waterproof tapes for water-based paints, tapes for precision works involving the creation of thin lines.

Automotive masking tape


Masking tapes for the automotive sector, on the other hand, are specific to the needs of body shops that have to repaint the external parts of vehicles. Masking tapes designed for the automotive refinishingaftersales and smart collision repair markets have very specific characteristics:

  • They are easy to apply and remove
  • Guarantees excellent holding
  • They are particularly resistant to high temperatures (the top of the range product withstands up to 120° for one hour) to adapt to the thermal conditions of the painting and drying booths.
  • Some models have very fine lines, perfect for high-precision works such as two-tone body painting.

Backing and adhesive of our masking tapes


The quality of our masking tapes lies in the innovative production process and the combination of backing and adhesive, capable of ensuring excellent holding and a balanced: in this way, the tape does not come off during painting but it can be removed without damage and without glue residue when the paint is dry.

  • The adhesive can be of 3 types: solvent-based rubber resin, solvent-free rubber resin and water-based acrylic, so as to offer an ecological alternative to those who want it.
  • The support is made of paper, also of 3 types: saturated crepe paper, high crepe paper and washi paper. In all cases, the paper is the excellent support because of its lightness, flexibility but also resistance if treated correctly. In addition, it is easy to tear by hand, simplifying the operations.
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