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For responsible forestry management and traceability of forest products

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immagine-How to mask paint in DIY)

Friday, by Ionela Stetco

How to mask paint in DIY

How to mask paint with masking tape: When painting and using masking products, everything starts with the cleaning: make sure to clean thoroughly the surfaces you need to paint and mask, and to let them dry before applying masking tape. The d...
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Q1® Premium Masking Solutions offers outstanding products engineered for all the masking preparation applications in the Collision and Repair Industry in the UK and Irish market.

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Design Tape ™ is an innovative brand for ones that are looking for the best way to unleash creativity.

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Product customisation

Industrial packaging has increasingly become part of the product since a key component in its presentation and image, able to ensure added value.
PPM is thus ready to assist the customer from package graphic design phase, guaranteeing an extremely high level of customisation.

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