PPM Industries Group is a leading global manufacturer of masking and other adhesive tapes headquartered in Brembate Sopra, close to Bergamo in Italy. The company was founded in 1993 by Giuseppe Pellegrini, who since the 1970s has been a pioneer in the European adhesive tape industry. With its clear focus and positioning PPM Industries is a trusted partner for B2B customers around the world. Today the Group employs more than 400 people worldwide.

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In 2011 PPM Industries UK LTD was established as the Group’s first direct distribution hub and converting branch dedicated to the British market. In early 2018 Trustin Tape, the first specialized manufacturer of masking tape in India, was inaugurated in Dahej, Gujarat state. The new group member will make PPM Industries’ service, experience and know-how available also for clients in the Asia-Pacific region. Under the brand name Q1®, PPM Industries recently launched successfully a range of premium masking solutions for the automotive aftermarket and painting and renovation.

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PPM Industries Group manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of tape solutions for a broad range of applications and markets. The two vertically integrated production and converting plants in Italy feature one of the largest capacities of masking and duct tape in Europe. Cutting-edge technologies are used such as hot melt in the Brembate Sopra factory, solvent-based and water-based processes in the Calusco D’Adda facilities where paper impregnation is also handled. The Group’s new Trustin Tape plant in India, focuses on solvent-based masking production technologies. Discover more about our manufacturing process.


The Group continues to be led by the Pellegrini family. The second generation of tape makers has inherited a passionate interest in the products, its customers and the company’s sustainable development. Long-term partnerships based on mutual trust, respect and individual responsibility continue to distinguish the corporate culture of PPM Industries.

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The mission of PPM Industries SpA is to achieve and maintain leadership positions in the masking tape industry worldwide through continuous product innovation, continuous improvement of the quality of existing products, and maximisation of customer service quality through flexibility, efficiency and customisation of services offered. 

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Code of Ethics

PPM Industries SpA has as its essential principle compliance with the laws and regulations in force in all the countries in which it carries out its production activity. 

In order to recommend and promote this principle in the conduct of corporate affairs, the Company has decided to adopt a corporate Code of Ethics. 

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The PPM Group operates according to the highest quality standards with a UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified management system, in full compliance with current regulations (REACh-SVHC, etc.).

PPM Industries SpA and its affiliated companies, members of the Multisite Chain of Custody have decided to guarantee their customers the production of masking tapes and other adhesive tapes with FSC® certified materials and to implement a chain management system FSC® case according to FSC® Standard (license: FSC-C148644)

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