Strapping Tapes

Due to their excellent tensile strength PPM strapping tapes are suited for generic reinforcements, industrial packaging, securing, bundling and pallet fastening. Their polypropylene backing makes them elastic and flexible, while the hot melt adhesive provides an extremely powerful hold on the surface.

Strapping tape allows for load shifting without snapping, and it’s a great substitute for traditional stretch film. Strapping tape can be stretched without breaking, yet shrinks back to its original shape and size to hold loads securely.

PPM’s selection of strapping tapes

PPM’s medium and heavy duty strapping tapes, available in 4 different colors, with their mono oriented polypropylene backing, guarantee an excellent resistance to mechanical stress, rips and tears, yet allowing for easy removal without breaking.

Strapping tapes are a great alternative – not to mention a much cheaper one – to glue, twine and steel straps, when it comes to fix or tie finished industrial products, cardboard packages or generic goods on pallets. Thanks to their versatility, strapping tapes can also be used for quick and easy DIY fixing jobs around the house.

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