Filament Tapes

Filament tape is a hot melt adhesive tape employed for heavy-duty bundling and packaging operations in any sector.

Its special structure enhances its resistance to mechanical stress and its holding power, making the filament tape a powerful solution for both industrial and consumer applications.

What is filament tape?

Filament tape is commonly made with a BOPP backing reinforced with glass filament inserts, and a layer of hot melt adhesive with strong adhesive properties:

  • BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) is a special polypropylene with particular properties, such as increased clarity and strength and easy coating. BOPP is ideal to help filament tape in withstanding mechanical stress and prevent breaking, thanks to its excellent tensile strength.
  • In filament tape, fiberglass inserts are embedded into the backing to increase its strength and resistance.
  • Hot melt adhesive is known for its high holding power and resistance to removal. Using this type of adhesive in filament tape further improve its prominent qualities.

Filament tape uses

Filament tape is used to wrap cardboard boxesheavy-duty packaging applications, bundle items together, pallet unitizing and general reinforcement applications in any sector.

According to the weight and size of the objects to bundle, different grade filament tapes can be employed, from the lightest and economic ones to the toughest products. For particularly heavy applications, a special filament tape has been introduced with a cross weave filament structure that further increases its holding properties.

How to use filament tape

To use filament tape you just have to unwind it and wrap it around the box or the bundle of objects you have to fasten. To make its holding power effective, make sure to tighten the tape firmly, with multiple turns.

Two different filament tapes

In order to be able to satisfy different needs and applications, PPM offers two different types of filament tapes:

  • Mono oriented filament tapes: here the fiberglass inserts run vertically through the tape, only in one direction;
  • Cross weave filament tapes: here the fiberglass inserts run both vertically and horizontally through the tape, in both directions. They are interwoven in order to create a cross weave pattern that guarantees maximum holding power and resistance.

Both these filament tapes are stronger than other sealing methods, such as glue or twine, and are also an economic alternative to industrial packaging materials, such as film, and yet just as effective.

PPM filament tape

PPM Industries produces a complete range of filament tapes for both light and medium or heavy-duty applications. The range includes three regular filament tapes and a cross weave tape for particularly difficult applications.

1008. Entry-level product, recommended for light and medium-duty uses, suited for both consumer and professional applications.
1010. An improved version of PPM 1008: it guarantees enhanced properties for all the applications. Use it for medium-duty professional applications.
1020. The highest grade of the filament tape range, ideal for high-duty professional applications for bundling and fastening objects and as a general reinforcement.
1210Cross weave filament tape, ideal for heavy-duty applications, especially when irregular objects are concerned.

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