Filament Tapes

Unveiling the Power of Adhesive Filament Tapes

Adhesive filament tapes emerge as a cornerstone for packaging and bundling, offering unmatched durability and strength in various industrial and consumer settings. These tapes are ingeniously designed to withstand significant mechanical stress, providing a secure, reliable solution for packaging needs.

The Anatomy of Filament Tapes

Central to the performance of adhesive filament tapes is a meticulously engineered structure comprising a BOPP backing, glass filament reinforcements, and a robust hot melt adhesive layer. This composition ensures:

  • Outstanding Durability: The BOPP backing enhances the tape's tensile strength, making it resilient against breaks and tears.
  • Superior Reinforcement: Embedded with fiberglass filament reinforcements, these tapes offer exceptional strength and resistance.
  • Optimal Adhesion: The hot melt adhesive grants these tapes their formidable holding power, securing packages reliably under various conditions.

Key Applications of Fiberglass Filament Tapes

Fiberglass reinforced filament tape is indispensable for securing cardboard boxes, heavy-duty packaging, bundling, pallet unitizing, and general reinforcement in any sector. Tailored to accommodate different weights and sizes, our range extends from cost-effective solutions to specialized fiberglass filament reinforced tapes for demanding applications.

Utilizing Fiberglass Filament Tapes

Employing fiberglass filament tapes is straightforward: simply unwind, wrap around your package or bundle, and apply pressure to ensure the tape adheres strongly, leveraging its full holding capacity.

Varieties to Meet Every Need

To address diverse requirements, we offer two main types of fiberglass filament tapes:

  • Mono Oriented Filament Tapes: With vertical fiberglass reinforcements, these tapes provide strength in a singular direction.
  • Cross Weave Filament Tapes: Featuring a cross weave pattern with fiberglass reinforcements in both vertical and horizontal directions, these tapes ensure maximum durability and holding power.

Compared to traditional sealing methods, fiberglass filament tapes offer a superior, economical alternative for robust packaging solutions.

Discover PPM's Fiberglass Filament Tape Selection

PPM Industries proudly presents an extensive selection of fiberglass filament tapes, tailored for varying degrees of packaging challenges:

  • 1008: Ideal for light to medium packaging tasks, suitable for both consumer and professional applications.
  • 1010: An enhanced version for medium-duty applications, offering superior performance.
  • 1020: The ultimate solution for high-demand applications, providing exceptional bundling and reinforcement capabilities.
  • 1210: Our cross weave fiberglass filament tape, designed for the most challenging packaging needs, especially suitable for irregularly shaped items.
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