Heavy Duty Mono Oriented Fiberglass Filament Tape


Mono oriented fiberglass reinforced filament tape engineered for high-performance requirements. This reinforced filament tape is a reliable bundling and high capacity reinforcement solution with strong holding power for medium and heavy-duty applications. The fiberglass reinforced filament tape 1020 is characterized by a three-layered polypropylene backing and a fiberglass structure that runs longitudinally across it. It’s the fiberglass weave that makes this reinforced filament tape so strong. Thanks to its thickness and a powerful hot melt adhesive, this tape provides an excellent hold on the application surface and adapts to different materials. This reinforced filament tape is employed in the packaging sector and in the industrial field, in box reinforcing, shipping and palletizing. Thanks to its strong fiberglass structure, this reinforced filament tape can be used whenever high duty reinforcement and fastening applications are required.

Technical Data
  Metric Imperial Units Test Method
Total weight* 155 g/m2 155 g/m2 ISO 536
Total thickness* 145 μm 5.7 mils Internal
MD tensile strength* 420 N/cm 239.8 Lbs/in AFERA 5004/PSTC 131
MD elongation at break* 7 % 7 % AFERA 5004/PSTC 131
Adhesion to steel plate* 6 N/cm 54.8 oz/in AFERA 5001/PSTC 101

* Typical Value

Backing Material

Fiberglass Laminated BOPP

Type of adhesive

Synthetic Rubber Resin – solvent free

Available colors
High adhesion
Excellent holding power
Easy bonding to variety of corrugated and solid board surfaces
Extreme tensile strength
High resistance to nicks, abrasion and moisture
Tear resistant

Main applications

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