Paper Packaging Tapes

PPM’s paper packaging tapes are optimized solutions for manual usage: they are hand-tearable and easy to unwind, as well as offering good tensile strength. The hot-melt adhesive ensures a strong hold on the surface. Paper packaging tapes are ideal for sealing packages, parcels and envelopes.

The shipping market is now more active and prosperous than ever before. For this reason, packaging has evolved – in terms of shapes, materials, guarantees during transport – and must be more resistant than ever, starting from the paper packaging tape used to seal; a not perfectly sealed package can damage the product contained within, trigger customer complaints and harm the image of your company.

PPM’s paper packaging tapes are the perfect tools in two ways so:

  • To guarantee impeccable and safe packaging to the end user
  • To facilitate packaging procedures for the manufacturer, optimizing its time and resources.

Paper packaging tape for every use: entry level, standard and high level

PPM provides three types of paper packaging tape, designed to meet different needs:

  1. Economy Paper Packaging Tape developed to simplify the manual packaging of boxes and cartons.
  2. Standard Paper Packaging Tape, which guarantees excellent hold and sealing even when exposed to very hot temperatures or tropical climate.
  3. Kraft Paper Packaging Tape designed for heavy boxes, as well as for bundling applications.

Common features of our paper packaging tapes

All PPM’s paper packaging tape offer some common guarantees: high adhesion, holding power, easy tearing even by hand, good contact on cardboard and resistance to accidental shocks.

In addition to the three products in the catalogue, you also have at your disposal our Private Label service, thanks to which we can provide you with customized paper packaging tape based on your particular needs.

Sustainable paper packaging tape

If your company holds sustainability as one of its core values and wants that to transpair in its packaging, a paper packaging tape is exactly what it needs.

Paper packaging tape is a 100% recyclable adhesive solution, made of paper and solvent free adhesive. The perfect way to embrace sustainability while also providing an effective packaging solution.

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