Paper Packaging Tapes

In an era where the shipping market thrives more than ever, the need for resilient and eco-conscious packaging solutions has become paramount. PPM's Paper Packaging Tapes emerge as the pinnacle of packaging excellence, designed meticulously for manual handling. These tapes are not only easy to tear by hand and unwind but also boast impressive tensile strength. The use of a high-quality hot-melt adhesive ensures that each seal is robust, offering unparalleled security for your packages, parcels, and envelopes.

Optimized for Efficiency and Sustainability

Our Paper Packaging Tapes are engineered with both the environment and user convenience in mind. They represent an optimized solution that marries manual ease-of-use with formidable sealing capabilities. This unique blend of features makes our tapes ideal for businesses looking to enhance their packaging processes while also upholding their commitment to sustainability.

Safe and simple packaging

As the shipping industry continues to grow, the demands on packaging have intensified. Today’s packages must withstand diverse conditions, from handling and transit to storage. A compromised seal not only risks the integrity of the product inside but can also tarnish the reputation of your brand.

PPM’s Paper Packaging Tapes stand as a bulwark against such challenges, ensuring that your packages remain secure and intact, thus safeguarding both your products and your brand image.

Dual Benefits: Security and Efficiency

PPM’s Paper Packaging Tapes offer dual advantages:

  1. Guaranteeing Impeccable Packaging: Every roll of tape is a step towards ensuring that the final user receives their goods in pristine condition, free from the perils of transit damage.
  2. Streamlining Packaging Operations: For manufacturers, our tapes are a boon, simplifying packaging procedures, and optimizing time and resources. The ease of application translates into faster packaging times, allowing businesses to scale their operations without compromising on quality or sustainability.

A Sustainable Choice for Modern Businesses

In today’s environmentally aware market, choosing PPM’s Paper Packaging Tapes is a statement of your brand’s dedication to sustainable practices. These tapes not only elevate the safety and integrity of your packages but also align with green initiatives, offering a packaging solution that is both efficient and eco-friendly.

With PPM’s Paper Packaging Tapes, businesses no longer have to choose between operational efficiency and environmental responsibility. Our tapes offer the best of both worlds, enabling you to secure your packages reliably while also contributing to a healthier planet.

Paper packaging tape for every use: entry level, standard and high level

PPM provides three types of paper packaging tape, designed to meet different needs:

  1. Economy Paper Packaging Tape developed to simplify the manual packaging of boxes and cartons.
  2. Standard Paper Packaging Tape, which guarantees excellent hold and sealing even when exposed to very hot temperatures or tropical climate.
  3. Kraft Paper Packaging Tape designed for heavy boxes, as well as for bundling applications.

Common features of our paper packaging tapes

All PPM’s paper packaging tape offer some common guarantees: high adhesion, holding power, easy tearing even by hand, good contact on cardboard and resistance to accidental shocks.

In addition to the three products in the catalogue, you also have at your disposal our Private Label service, thanks to which we can provide you with customized paper packaging tape based on your particular needs.

Sustainable paper packaging tape

If your company holds sustainability as one of its core values and wants that to transpair in its packaging, a paper packaging tape is exactly what it needs.

Paper packaging tape is a 100% recyclable adhesive solution, made of paper and solvent free adhesive. The perfect way to embrace sustainability while also providing an effective packaging solution.

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