Medium-Heavy Weight Paper Packaging Tape ECO LINE


Medium-heavy weight packaging tape with a strong flatback paper backing with 85% bio-based and 30% recycled fibres which guarantees a perfect balance between high performance and sustainability.

PPM 4040 is manufactured with a firm synthetic rubber – resin solvent free adhesive designed to seal medium - high weight boxes. Easy to unwind and hand tearable, it provides a good holding and adhesion on all papers and cartons, with tamper evidence when removed.

60% of the raw materials contained in this tape comes from natural resources. PPM 4040 can be disposed together with the box in the paper bin and collected without affecting the paper and cardboard recycling process, in accordance with INGEDE certification.

Moreover, according to UNI 11743 standard, the tape material can be recycled up to 50% in the most common paper recycling processes.

FSC® certified masking tapes available on demand.


Technical Data
  Metric Imperial Units Test Method
Total weight* 107 g/m2 80 g/m2 ISO 536
Total thickness* 120 μm 4.7 mils Internal
MD tensile strength* 75 N/cm 42.8 Lbs/in AFERA 5004/PSTC 131
MD elongation at break* 3 % 3 % AFERA 5004/PSTC 131
Adhesion to steel plate* 11 N/cm 100.5 oz/in AFERA 5001/PSTC 101

* Typical Value

Backing Material

85% bio-based flatback paper

Type of adhesive

Synthetic Rubber Resin – solvent free

Available colors
High adhesion
Good holding power
Hand tearable
High Tensile Strength
Sustainable Features
85% bio-based paper backing
60% raw materials from natural resour
30% paper recycled fibers
FSC® and INGEDE certified
Plastic Free

Main applications

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