Industrial Masking Tapes

Specifically manufactured for endless markets – such as building and construction, painting and renovation, and automotive aftermarket – PPM’s industrial masking tapes are the best solutions to obtain excellent performance. Find out on this page the top three products in our range and their customization possibilities.

Here are three of the best industrial masking tapes in our catalog:

3610 – The best waterproof industrial masking tape

Why is 3610 AquaColor Body Shop Masking Tape one of the most performing industrial masking tapes in our range? First of all, it is the best waterproof high-temperature solution among our products. It is perfect for jobs that require resistance to humidity, water, and solvent-based paints.

Second of all, its resistance is unparalleled when it comes to high temperatures too: this industrial masking tape can endure spray-painting and dry operations of up to 90°C for 60 minutes, or to 110°C for 30 minutes.

Finally, this product is specifically engineered for body shop applications: made with a saturated crepe backing and a solvent-borne rubber resin adhesive, 3610 is an industrial masking tape that offers outstanding performance in this field.

Ppm 3610 Masking Tape

5210 – The right industrial masking tape for the outdoor

5210 Painter's Blue Outdoor Masking Tape is the industrial masking tape that best suits your outdoor applications. This professional, high-performance product is specifically designed to resist external agents such as moisture, UV rays, and temperature changes for up to 30 days.

Thanks to a reliable and flexible combination of materials – a water base acrylic adhesive and a semi-crepe paper backing – this industrial masking tape is also one of the easiest products to be removed from the application surface, and it doesn’t leave any residual trace.

Did we also mention that 5210 is eco-friendly? Yes, the manufacturing process of this industrial masking tape takes place without the use of any solvents that can impact the environment.


2030 – The most high-performance industrial masking tape

Finally, if you were looking for an industrial masking tape standing out for its exceptional performance, 2030 High Performance Masking Tape is the right choice. This tape has the broadest range of applications, where it performs excellently.

The easy and clean removal of this industrial masking tape is guaranteed by its materials: the saturated crepe paper backing and the solvent-borne rubber resin adhesive don’t leave any traces when removed within 24 hours. 

On top of all these characteristics, 2030 is an industrial masking tape that features great adhesion on irregular and dissimilar surfaces, endurance to temperatures of up to 60°C, and high versatility – while also offering the perfect quality-price ratio.


PPM really has it all.

Take a look at the full range of industrial masking tapes in our catalog:

Masking tapes

PPM’s private label service for industrial masking tapes

PPM’s manufacturing service is not limited to the production and supply of industrial masking tapes for different sectors. We are also able to realize private label solutions that best meet your needs.

In fact, with our private label service, you can expand your range of adhesive tapes with tailor-made products that can be immediately associated with your brand. This means that you have the possibility to graphically customize:

  • the tape cores of your industrial masking tapes
  • both the shrink and the roll packaging
  • the shipping boxes
  • all the labels you wish to put on the packaging
  • the displays you need for your points of sale

Choose the right colors, apply the logos of your brand, and stand out on the market with PPM’s private label industrial masking tapes.

Duct Tape Private Label

PPM really has it all.

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