Automotive Masking Tape

PPM Industries manufactures a complete range of automotive masking tapes for the refinishing market, ideal for professionals and body shops looking for convenience, precision, and effectiveness. Discover more about the available products and our private label service.

Automotive masking tape is much more than an auxiliary tool: the quality of the tape determines the precision of the job, the sharpness of the painting, and the amount of time spent in masking preparation. With that in mind, we created a complete range of high quality automotive masking tapes aimed at body shops of any size, that share the passion for excellence.

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All the products are engineered to guarantee:

  • High temperature resistance (values varying from tape to tape)
  • No bleed-through of paint
  • Excellent results in precision jobs such as two-tone painting
  • Easy and clean removal without leaving adhesive residue
  • Easy tear by hand to help speed up the masking job

Let’s take a look at the products available.

Automotive masking tape: standard products

PPM 3008, 3009 and 3010 are the standard automotive masking tapes for the most common refinishing jobs. These tapes cover the needs of any body shop helping professionals save time and achieve perfection. The products differ in terms of quality and price:

  • PPM 3008 masking tape: utility tape with temperature resistance up to 60°C for one hour;
  • PPM 3009 masking tape: medium grade automotive masking tape with temperature resistance up to 80°C for one hour;
  • PPM 3010 masking tape: high-grade automotive masking tape with temperature resistance up to 90°C for one hour or 110°C for 30 minutes.

Waterproof automotive masking tapes

Where water-based paints are used, we recommend employing a waterproof masking tape for best results. This kind of tape also comes in handy in particularly wet environments due to its moisture resistance.

Our waterproof automotive masking tapes include PPM 3610 masking tape: the AquaColor range boasts excellent resistance to moisture and wet, waterproof properties, and temperature resistance up to 90°C for one hour or 110°C for 30 minutes

Fine line automotive masking tape

Our range of products also includes a fine line masking tape for precision jobs, such as two tone painting where razor paint edge lines are looked for: PPM 5040 is your ultimate ally as far as precision is concerned. The tape also boasts excellent high temperature resistance up to 120°C for one hour.

Private label service: designing the perfect automotive masking tape

With our private label service, you can customize your masking tape supply designing a product line that perfectly fits your specific needs. Discuss your project with our technical staff to obtain exactly what you are looking for; customize the tape core, the label and the packaging with your company colors and logo. Benefit from the experience and quality of a masking tape manufacturer with more than 25 years of history.

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