Paper masking tape

When it comes to painting, whether it’s a car or a wall or a front porch, PPM Industries has an extremely wide variety of adhesive options, different in width and adhesiveness, which only have one thing in common: the paper backing. Paper masking tape, gentle and strong at the same time, is ideal to cover delicate portions of surface, that need to be protected from paint, without harming them. Let’s see here all the different types of paper masking tape and their various applications.

Masking Tape

Body shop paper masking tape

Ideal for automotive, marine and aerospace manufacturing, body shop masking tape is designed to perfectly adhere to the paint, even on irregular surfaces, without ruining the paint or leaving behind any traces of adhesive. It performs great from moderate to high temperatures, which makes it perfect during drying cycles. Depending on the procedure you’re looking to put your vehicle through, or which part of the vehicle you need to cover, PPM Industries has a different proposition; but the result will always be the same: perfectly clean-cut edges. Listed here are all PPM Industries’ types of body shop paper masking tape:


Professional paper masking tape

If you’re a professional painter and need an adhesive solution that meets your needs, PPM is here to help you with a wide variety of options. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor painting, curved surfaces and delicate surfaces, the professional paper masking tape is water and temperature resistant and it guarantees superior precision, with no harm to the surface. Listed here are all the professional paper masking tapes available:


Utility painter’s paper masking tape

PPM Industries offers adhesive solutions not only for professional painters, but also for DIY painting jobs. With an excellent balance between quality and price, utility painter’s paper masking tape is the perfect solution for a standard painting at constant temperatures. It fits a more generalized group of applications with slight variations regarding the thickness of the paper backing. Perfect for any standard painting job, here are the different kinds of utility painter’s paper masking tape:


PPM really has it all.

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