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As masking tape manufacturers with a long-established experience in the business, PPM offers a wide range of masking tapes, versatile and suitable to different applications.

Masking tape is a pressure sensitive paper tape that can be applied by hand, it’s easy to tear and to dispense. It’s most commonly used to temporarily protect surfaces from painting, soldering, blasting, spraying, coating, plating, and polishing, while the surrounding area is undergoing some kind of treatment. Depending on the composition and delicateness of the surface, PPM manufactures different kinds of masking tapes, suitable to different fields of application.

Masking Tape

Masking tape manufacturer for different applications

PPM’s masking tape range covers the needs of three different fields of application:

  1. Body Shop: as masking tape manufacturers specialized in the automotive field, we manufacture masking tape that is designed to deliver impeccable results in professional painting jobs at high temperature drying cycles. Thanks to its solvent-based adhesive and holding power, it reliably protects auto parts, while creating sharp, clean paint edges with no bleed through and leaving no adhesive residues when removed.
  2. Professional Painting: as a versatile masking tape manufacturer, PPM also designs masking tape that meets the challenging requirements of in- and outdoor painting and renovation jobs. The range features hot melt, solvent- and acrylic-based adhesives with superior adhesion, precision and removal properties as well as enhanced water and temperature resistance.
  3. Utility Painting: this masking tape manufacturing process requires a hot melt adhesive, and it’s designed for standard professional and DIY indoor applications at constant temperatures. This masking tapes’ range includes entry-level solutions with an excellent quality-price ratio.

A few examples of our masking tape manufacturing process

As a masking tape manufacturer specialized in the making of masking tapes that answer the needs of different sectorsPPM’s masking tapes are very different from one another, and no masking tape here is quite like the other.


Let’s look at one sample from each field of application:

  • 3610 AquaColor Body Shop Masking Tape: this tape is PPM’s professional premium waterproof high temperature body shop masking tape and it’s characterized by a crepe paper backing and a solvent borne rubber resin adhesive. This masking tape guarantees superb resistance to moisture, water and solvent based paints. It’s specifically manufactured to withstand spray painting and drying operations with a temperature resistance of up to 90°C (for 60 minutes) or 110°C (for 30 minutes).
  • 5030 Painter’s Outdoor Fineline Masking Tape: this masking tape is made of a traditional Japanese washi paper backing and a water based acrylic adhesive; it’s ideal for professional high-performance outdoor painting jobs and it’s designed to ensure extremely smooth, clean, and sharp paint edges. Thanks to its special adhesive formula, this outdoor fine line masking tape guarantees outstanding performances even under tough climate conditions. It is water, UV rays, and temperature resistant, and it assures easy and clean removal with no adhesive residue on the application surface.
  • 6010 General Use Masking Tape: this is the kind of tape that anyone should always have at hand. It’s a practical and versatile DIY masking tape made with a hot melt adhesive, recommended for general indoor use at steady temperatures. This masking tape is the perfect compromise between price and quality: it sticks well to multiple and irregular surfaces and it’s compatible with both solvent and water based paints. It tears easily from the roll by hand and it assures quick and easy removal, with no residue.

A different kind of masking tape manufacturer

However, PPM Industries is not like any other masking tape manufacturer. In fact, it also offers a full B2B private label service that allows companies and brands to fully personalize their stock of masking tape with their own name and logo. A testament to the level of experience and expertise brought to PPM in the masking tape manufacturing process.

PPM really has it all.

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