10 September 2021

Different types of masking tape and when to use them

Flash news: not all masking tapes are the same. In fact, there are many different types of masking tape available on the market, all suitable for a range of different applications and environments. Let’s take a look at all the types of masking tape that PPM has to offer.

masking tape

What is masking tape?

Before we jump in on all the different masking tape types, let’s see what masking tape is first. Masking tape is a light, versatile, easy to unwind, easy to tear paper tape that is mainly used to mask parts and areas that do not require painting.

Masking tape has a fairly long history: it was born back in 1925 as a gentler adhesive alternative to mask cars during painting. However, it has moved far beyond the automotive aftermarket to become a universal painting tool used to create straight lines and protect areas which should not be painted.

masking tape

Different types of masking tape for different applications

Thanks to its versatility, masking tape can be used in two different fields of application:

  • Auto body painting
  • Professional and utility painting

For both fields of application, many types of masking tape exist, according to the following features and uses. Here is a selection of PPM’s masking tapes.

General purpose masking tape

This saturated crepe paper type of masking tape is generally best suited for applications such as auto paint spraying at moderately high drying cycles, and short term painting and decorating jobs at steady temperatures.

PPM offers 3 masking tape types that are best suited for an entry level, general use application:

High temperature masking tape

This masking tape is specifically designed to withstand high temperatures: it allows for a clean removal even after very high drying cycles, and it can easily withstand heat and hot weather conditions for a prolonged period of time.

Here are PPM’s types of masking tape that can successfully withstand high temperatures:

masking tape ppm

Precision line masking tape

This type of masking tape, characterized by a reduced width, is specifically ideal for masking small and curved auto body parts or narrow areas and surfaces, while also guaranteeing clean, razor sharp paint edges.

PPM offers 3 types of masking tape that are suitable for detailed and precise paint jobs:

masking tape application

Delicate surface masking tape

This kind of masking tape is specifically engineered with an extremely gentle adhesive that allows for a clean and residue free removal even on the most delicate surfaces, such as frescos, plaster, painted walls, and wallpaper.

Amongst PPM’s types of masking tape, 5025 Painter’s Ultra Delicate Masking Tape is the most suited when it comes to particularly delicate surfaces.

masking tpe applications

Outdoor masking tape

This tape is specifically designed to be used outside – while painting houses and other exterior applications, for example – and therefore is UV and moisture resistant so that it won’t deteriorate in sunlight or damp conditions.

Here are PPM’s 2 different types of masking tape for outdoor applications:

masking tape application

If you’re interested in knowing more about PPM’s different types of masking tape, please get in touch! We will be pleased to show you our full range.

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