Painter's Indoor Fine Line Masking Tape


DIY Washi Masking Tape designed to be the all-in-one product for every painting and decorating activities in indoor environments. Thanks to its special tacky rubber-based adhesive, the Washi Tape 5110 ensures absolutely clean, razor sharp paint edges from most common indoor surfaces with absolute clean removal without damages after 1 week from the application. It is very conformable, compatible with both solvent-based and water-based paints, becoming the universal product for every indoor painting activity. UV exposure not recommended.

FSC® certified masking tapes available on demand.


Technical Data
  Metric Imperial units Test Method
Total weight* 67 g/m2 67 g/m2 ISO 536
Total thickness* 82 μm 3.2 mils Internal
MD tensile strength* 30 N/cm 17.1 Lbs/in AFERA 5004/PSTC 131
MD elongation at break* 3.5 % 3.5 % AFERA 5004/PSTC 131
Adhesion to steel plate* 1.5 N/cm 13.7 oz/in AFERA 5001/PSTC 101

* Typical Value

Backing material

Washi Paper

Type of adhesive

Natural Rubber

Available colors
Tacky special adhesive with delicate but firm quick stick
Soft and stable unwinding
Sharp paint break-lines
Resistant to moisture and most common water and solvent base paints
1-week clean removal from most common surfaces in indoor environment (PVC, glass, wood, aluminum, drywall)
4 days clean removal from delicate surfaces in indoor environment like fresh paints
Excellent paint anchorage
Water resistant

Main applications

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As a vertically integrated manufacturer with state-of-the-art production and converting facilities in Europe and Asia, we reliably produce the customized tape solution you need to streamline your business or compliment your portfolio. Talk to us. We are your strategic partner when it comes to manufacturing adhesive tapes.

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