25 March 2021

Looking for the best masking tape suppliers? Here we are

PPM is amongst the leading masking tape suppliers available on the market worldwide, providing different masking solutions to many sectors such as Automotive Aftermarket & Car Refinishing, Painting & Renovation, Building & Construction. Take a look at what we can offer you!

We are the masking tape suppliers you were looking for

As masking tape suppliers operating in this business since 1993, we have focused on providing the global market with the best adhesive solutions for masking surfaces, especially in the following sectors.

Automotive Aftermarket & Car Refinishing

We supply the automotive aftermarket with masking tapes for car refinishing, designed to maximise holding power, while also resisting high temperatures, and creating sharp, clean paint edges with no bleed through and leaving no adhesive residues when removed.

Painting & Renovation

As flexible masking tape suppliers, our range of masking tapes covers all the painting needs of both professionals and DIYers, providing perfect edges, clean lines, precise curves, and no risk of paint seeping underneath the tape.

Building & Construction

We offer a wide range of light, medium and heavy-duty masking tape solutions, to meet different construction demands such as rough and irregular surfaces, and critical environmental factors like changing temperatures, sunlight, wind and moisture.

But before we go any further with our activity as masking tape suppliers, we want to dig deeper into the nature of masking tape and why it’s such a perfect fit for these kinds of applications.

If you’re looking for the best masking tape suppliers, you can stop now. You’ve found us! Contact us to have a personalized consultation.

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