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PPM Industries manufactures a comprehensive range of packaging tapes also for the private label market. Discover our strapping, filament and paper packaging tapes for professional and home applications.

Packaging tapes are mostly used to seal packages for shipping and transport, in postal services such as in industrial and private logistic operations. However, their application can extend much farther: in many situations, special packaging tapes can effectively be compared to tapes and stretch films in terms of performances. We are talking about filament tapes and strapping tapes, whose special structure is designed for bundling and fastening operations.

PPM Industries manufactures all these types of packaging tapes, providing a product portfolio that meets any specific requirement for both industrial and home applications.

Paper packaging tapes

Let’s start with the most common kind of packaging tapes: the traditional, brown paper tapes used to seal boxes and packages for shipping or transport. Our product range includes three models aimed at different markets:

  • 4010 brown paper packaging tape: entry-level tape to use for quick and easy cardboard boxes sealing. This packaging tape is economical and provides high adhesion and good holding power.
  • 4020 brown paper packaging tape: cost effective packaging tape with solvent-based adhesive that performs well even in tropical climates. It provides medium adhesion and excellent holding power.
  • 4030 brown paper packaging tape: packaging tape designed for difficult packaging operations such as sealing of heavy boxes. This tape provides high adhesion and good holding power. The backing is made of kraft paper, a thicker solution compared to the other tapes of the range. Kraft paper is less flexible but guarantees greater resistance to rips and breaks.


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Fiberglass filament tapes

Fiberglass filament tapes are special packaging tapes aimed at difficult packaging applications or employed for bundling objects. Their powerful hold is guaranteed by the hot melt adhesive and, above all, by the special backing structure in which a multi-layered polypropylene film is embedded with fiberglass filaments to increase tensile strength.

The available tapes include:

The latter is the strongest filament tape available. The bi-oriented polypropylene film and the cross wave fiberglass web guarantee a continuous bi-directional hold of the tape surface.

Strapping tapes

If you need a tape for critical packaging operations, or to bundle objects in the most powerful way, strapping tapes are the tool you were looking for. Strapping tapes boast excellent tensile strength and elongation capabilities thanks to their flexible, tough polypropylene backing; the hot melt adhesive ensures an excellent hold on different surfaces. For their strength, these tapes are also used for pallet fastening in logistic operations.

The available products include:

  • 1050 strapping tape: medium-duty tape for industrial packaging, general reinforcements and pallet fastening.
  • 1080 strapping tape: top-of-the-range heavy-duty tape for particularly heavy fastening operations of pallets and packaging. It is an excellent replacement for classic stretch film as it applies faster and can be removed easily without breaking.
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