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With so many companies relying on shipments all over the world nowadays, a good packaging tape manufacturer that can supply you with a resistant, strong packaging tape is just essential.

Among packaging tape suppliers, PPM Industries is a well-known, trustworthy, long-experienced packaging tape manufacturer and supplier that can offer you a top-quality productPackaging tape is extremely versatile and easy to use. It’s hand-tearable, easy to unwind, can be easily written on and is 100% recyclable. Packaging tape is especially essential when it comes to sealing cardboard boxes, packages, parcels and envelopes and PPM Industries offers a range of three different packing tapes, all with different features, holding power and tensile strength, to better satisfy a wider range of needs.

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What we offer as packaging tape suppliers

Let’s take a look at all three types of packing tapes that we offer as packaging tape suppliers:

1. 4010 Entry Level Carton Sealing Paper Tape: this brown packaging tape is made of a saturated crepe paper backing, which means that the paper has been reinforced to increase its tensile strength and elasticity, and soaked in a solvent-free hot melt adhesive. Quick and user-friendly, this tape is designed to ease manual box or cardboard packaging applications with a strong hold on the application surface, good tensile strength and slip resistance, it’s easy to unwind and can be torn by hand.

2. 4020 Standard Brown Paper Packaging Tape: this cost effective, easy to use solvent based packaging paper tape is designed for manual box or cardboard sealing applications. Thanks to its solvent based adhesive, this tape can guarantee a reliable holding power also in a particularly hot, tropical climate. It’s easy to use and unwind, it can be torn by hand to ease application, it provides high slip resistance and clean removal without leaving adhesive residue. It’s shock resistant and reliable for any kind of shipping in cardboard boxes. The perfect balance between quality and price.

3. 4030 Kraft Paper Packaging Tape: this kraft brown paper packaging tape is the strongest of the range, manufactured with a solvent-free hot melt adhesive and designed for very high tensile strength and good adhesion. This tape is recommended for heavy boxes, difficult bundling and packaging applications at steady temperatures. It’s easy to use and unwind and can be torn by hand. It’s shock resistant and provides good elongation properties for effective sealing applications. This tape adheres very strongly to all cardboard surfaces, guaranteeing great resistance to moisture and humidity.

When it comes to packaging, PPM is the kind of packing tape manufacturer that can answer all of your needs. We have every tape you need in order to provide a reliable sealing operation. But we can do more than that!

We are not like any other packaging tapes manufacturer

We are not your average packaging tape manufacturers; we are much more. PPM also offers a full B2B service. This means that we are completely equipped to offer you a personalized line of packaging tapes, fully customized with your own brand, name and logo. Every aspect of the packaging tape can be personalized specifically for you.

PPM really has it all.

If you’re interested in knowing more about why PPM is different the other average adhesive tape companies, contact us! We will gladly tell you more about us and our services.

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