31 October 2019

Need a packing tape manufacturer that won’t let you down? PPM has got it all

Packing tape is essential when you’re moving and you need to secure all of your goods inside cardboard boxes, without risking them all falling out. It needs to be strong and effective, especially if the boxes are particularly heavy. But, if you think that moving is the only occasion in which you’ll need packing tape, think again. There is a wide variety of different situations, that require a solid, trustworthy packing tape, and PPM is the packing tape manufacturer that has everything you need.

packaging tape

When manufacturing packing tape, PPM is specifically careful to one thing: answering every possible need with a variety of solutions. Which is why it offers a diversified range of packing tapes, different in material, width and adhesiveness, ideal to meet any specific requirement for both industrial and home applications.

PPM’s packing tapes are disposed into 3 categories:

  • Paper packaging tapes
  • Fiberglass filament tapes
  • Strapping tapes



Paper packaging tape is the most common, most used, when it comes to sealing boxes and packages for transport and shipping. It’s the classic brown paper tape, on which you can easily write, to remind yourself what’s in the boxes. This category includes 3 different types:

  • 4010 brown paper packaging tape: also called the “entry level” packaging tape, quick and user-friendly, this paper tape has a good tensile strength but it’s still easy to unwind and can be torn by hand. Its backing is made of saturated crepe paper, meaning that it has been reinforced to increase its tensile strength and elasticity, while the adhesive is solvent-free.
  • 4020 brown paper packaging tape: this solvent-based paper tape is ideal in geographical areas with a critical, hot climate. Easy to use, and easy on the wallet, it can be torn by hand and it provides a medium adhesion, with high slip resistance.
  • 4030 brown paper packaging tape: this paper tape is ideal for heavy boxes that require extra tensile strength and adhesion. The backing is made of kraft paper, a thicker solution that is less flexible but guarantees greater resistance to rips and breaks.




packaging filament tapes


Ideal for difficult bundling and packaging, fiberglass tape has a strong, powerful hold, guaranteed by the hot melt adhesive. However, its greatest peculiarity is the special backing structure: a multi-layered polypropylene film is embedded with fiberglass filaments to increase tensile strength. From lowest to highest resistance, here are the 4 different types of fiberglass tapes:

  • 1210 fiberglass filament tape: this fiberglass tape is the strongest The filaments are disposed both vertically and horizontally in an intertwined web that guarantees a continuous bi-directional hold of the tape surface.




strapping tapes


Thanks to their flexible, tough polypropylene backing, strapping tape is the ideal solution for difficult packaging operations that require excellent tensile strength and maximum adhesion. Because of its strength, this tape is specifically used in industrial contexts and logistic operations. There are 2 types of strapping tape:

  • 1050 strapping tapemedium-duty tape ideal for industrial packaging, general reinforcements and pallet fastening.
  • 1080 strapping tape: this tape is without a doubt the top-of-the-range heavy-duty tape for particularly heavy fastening operations of pallets and packaging. It is an excellent substitute for the traditional stretch film, as it applies faster and can be removed easily without breaking.


As you can see, depending on your needs, PMM, as a packaging tape manufacturer and supplier, can easily address the problem and provide you with the tape that is best fit for you. If you’d like to know more about PPM’s activity as an adhesive tape manufacturer, read here.

Also, being PPM a private label strategic partner, it can go even further and manufacture customized tape solutions specifically for your business.

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