03 July 2019

Adhesive tape suppliers: a universal tool suppliers

PPM is among the best adhesive tape suppliers since 1993: find out the full range of products including our private label service.

adehesive tape

What does it mean to be an adhesive tape supplier? For many, it simply means producing good quality adhesive tape and reselling it as quickly as possible. For us at PPM, being an adhesive tape manufacturer and supplier is a mission: we are aware of the incredible potential of adhesive tape and our mission is to spread its use as much as possible, to the benefit of all the consumers.

So what are these incredible properties that make us so proud of being adhesive tape suppliers? Let me explain them to you below.

Adhesive tape is a universal tool: here are 8 reasons that will convince you too

More than just an accessory, the adhesive tape is a universal scope instrument because it performs the same functions as the older and traditional instruments, but performs them better, faster and more flexibly. In a nutshell, it does it more effectively.

Here are 8 reasons why being an adhesive tape supplier means, for us, being a universal tool supplier:

  1. To apply it, all you need to do is to make sure the supporting surface is clean and dry. You don’t have to apply layers of specific materials, nor do you have to subject the surface to any special treatment.
  2. It takes literally 2 seconds to apply – unlike other methods such as glue, screws or nails – and no special force is required.
  3. You don’t need any special tool to apply it, just the pressure of your hands.
  4. There is no waste of material – just use the adhesive tape you need and, once applied, no part is wasted (unlike with glue, which often overflows).
  5. It’s cost effective compared to other methods of bonding, wrapping, sealing or fastening.
  6. It guarantees a uniform result, because an adhesive tape is uniform itself.
  7. It has an instantaneous effect, because you don’t have to wait for it to dry out or for some particular chemical reaction to occur.
  8. It is available in many different varieties – masking tape, duct tape, double sided tape, etc. – each designed specifically for certain uses, in each of its components.
adhesive tape

PPM is your trusted adhesive tape supplier: here is our range

Since we started our mission as adhesive tape suppliers, our range has grown and perfected, and now we can supply:

  • Masking tape: adhesive tapes designed for the automotive sector (car refinishing, body shops) and for the painting sector (professional painters and DIY painters);
  • Duct tape: tapes characterized by an extreme tensile strength and elongation properties, which make them perfect for bonding together heavy objects (such as pipes, brackets, profiles, etc..) or for repair operations on uneven surfaces. It is waterproof and suitable for semi-permanent applications;
  • Double-sided tape: typically used to fix carpets or rugs to the ground, without the need for glue;
  • Packaging tape: tapes for packaging, a sector in strong expansion. The family includes different models, such as paper packaging tapes (for cardboard boxes), filament tapes (for heavy-duty applications) and strapping tapes (for general bundling applications and pallet fastening).

In addition to supplying our dealers, we also offer a private label service

In addition to being suppliers of PPM branded adhesive tapes for our historical and new distributors, we also provide a private label service. We can provide any type of adhesive tape: just specify quantity and color, add indications on the logo and custom graphics to get a customized adhesive tape for your brand.

For more information about the service, take a look at the dedicated page.

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