25 November 2022

Each and Every Type of Industrial Adhesive Tape Made by PPM

PPM is the manufacturer of the most comprehensive range of industrial adhesive tapes you can find. Don’t you believe that? Scroll down this article and find out the main product categories we can offer you – and if you’re not happy with that, we also provide a customization service.

industrial adhesive tape

PPM manufactures and supplies the broadest range of industrial adhesive tapes for all kinds of applications.

Here are the best solutions you will find in our catalog:

Industrial masking adhesive tapes

3610 | Premium AquaColor Body Shop Masking Tape

3610 industrial adhesive tape

3610 is an industrial adhesive tape used for masking and painting purposes in body shops. It is made with a flexible crepe paper backing and a solvent-based rubber resin adhesive.

It can withstand high temperatures up to 110°C and is compatible with several types of paints and lacquers. This means that – after use – it can be removed after 3 days from the surface without leaving residues or UV damage.

6009 | Entry Level Masking Tape

6009 industrial adhesive tape

6009 is an entry level industrial adhesive tape mainly designed for indoor applications concerning masking jobs. It is made with one of the thinnest saturated crepe paper and synthetic rubber resin.

It can be used on dissimilar surfaces without leaving any residues and can be easily torn and removed by hand. On demand, it is also available in its FSC® certified version

2010 | Painter’s Multi-Purpose Masking Tape

2010 industrial adhesive tape

2010 is a professional and DIY industrial adhesive tape that proves to be versatile for endless applications. It is made with saturated crepe paper and solvent-based rubber resin.

The fact that it’s multi-purpose matches the product compatibility with different paint types. This solution guarantees clean and easy removal, an optimal quality-price ratio, and great protection when masking indoor surfaces.

Industrial duct adhesive tapes

9081 | Contractor Medium Grade Duct Tape

9081 industrial adhesive tape

Moving on to duct tapes, 9081 is an industrial adhesive tape specifically made for the construction and building industries. The professionalism of this product comes from the strong holding power offered by its hot melt adhesive and PE laminated synthetic cloth.

It can withstand hard conditions, from weather changes to temperatures ranging from -10°C to 60°C and is perfect to seal or join different components, surfaces, and materials with long-lasting performance.

9051 | Economy Grade Duct Tape

9051 industrial adhesive tape

9051 is an industrial adhesive tape designed for DIY indoor applications – and much more. In fact, it is lightly conformable and effectively resists water. It is made with a PE laminated synthetic cloth and synthetic rubber resin.

The high performance of this solution is also guaranteed in its eco-friendly solution, 9051E. This version is manufactured with 60% post-industrial recycled (PIR) LDPE and boasts the Plastic Second Life certification.

9061 | Utility Grade Duct Tape

9061 industrial adhesive tape

9061, instead, is an industrial adhesive tape with a reinforced gauze that improves its adhesion, holding power, and tensile strength. It is ideal for applications concerning water because it can effectively resist any moisture penetration.

This product is also available in its sustainable version – the 9061E – which is the first recycled duct tape in the market: it offers a backing made of 60% PIR LDPE and a solvent free adhesive, while 48% of its plastic comes from recycled materials.

Industrial paper packaging adhesive tapes

4040 | Medium-Heavy Weight Paper Packaging Tape ECO LINE

4040 industrial adhesive tape

Among our paper packaging tape range, we must mention 4040. This industrial adhesive tape is part of our ECO LINE because it’s made with 85% bio-based and 30% recycled fibers, while the adhesive is a solvent-free rubber resin.

It offers easy tearability while strongly holding onto all types of papers and cartons. Aside from that, it is INGEDE certified: this means that it can be disposed of with the box on which it is applied without affecting the recycling process.

4050 | Heavy Weight Paper Packaging Tape ECO LINE

4050 industrial adhesive tape

Another important paper packaging tape is 4050, also part of our ECO LINE and made with 85% bio-based and 30% recycled fibers, while the adhesive is a solvent-free rubber resin. This version, though, presents a glass filament reinforcement.

That’s how this solution works excellently for heavy duty packaging. It guarantees optimal adhesion on every cardboard and has tamper evident features. Finally, it is INGEDE certified.

Industrial double sided adhesive tapes

8030 | General Purpose Double-Sided Film Tape

8030 industrial adhesive tape

8030 is an industrial adhesive double-sided tape that can be used both for professional and DIY jobs as a valid substitute for glue. It is perfect for light duty and mounting tasks. It is made with bi-axially oriented clear polypropylene and synthetic rubber resin.

It is compatible with different surfaces and materials and offers long-lasting results – especially on flat surfaces. It is not hand tearable.

8050 | Carpet Double-Sided Film Tape

8050 industrial adhesive tape

8050, instead, is an industrial adhesive tape designed to be an OPP carpet double sided tape – thus it’s suitable to quickly and easily fasten flooring materials. It is made with non-oriented clear polypropylene and synthetic rubber resin.

It also offers a siliconized paper liner which, together with the other two layers, improves the strength and resistance to damage of the tape. It can be used both in professional and DIY applications.

8226 | General Purpose Double-Sided Fabric Tape

8226 industrial adhesive tape

Another double sided tape that is worth mentioning is 8226, a premium and professional industrial adhesive tape made with a BOPP carrier and synthetic gauze. It finds widespread application in the furnishing industry.

Thanks to the exceptional adhesion and bonding it offers – also on multiple and dissimilar materials – this tape offers incredible performance. It can be torn by hand but at the same time its three layered structure improves the mechanical resistance of the product.

Industrial filament adhesive tapes

1008 | Light Duty Mono Oriented Fiberglass Filament Tape

1008 industrial adhesive tape

Now, let’s delve into PPM’s filament adhesive tapes, starting with 1008. This solution is a fiberglass reinforced tape that is mostly used for light duty packaging, fastening, and reinforcement jobs.

As an industrial adhesive tape, it offers great mechanical and tensile strength also thanks to the power offered by its solvent free hot melt adhesive and its three layered polypropylene backing.

1010 | Medium Duty Mono Oriented Fiberglass Filament Tape

1010 industrial adhesive tape

On the other hand, 1010 is an industrial adhesive tape offering greater tensile strength than the previous solution. In fact, this product is ideal for light and medium duty jobs thanks to its fiberglass laminated BOPP backing and solvent free synthetic rubber resin adhesive. 

This mono oriented tape is perfect for professional and industrial applications because of its holding power and long-lasting resistance once applied to a specific surface or material.

1020 | Heavy Duty Mono Oriented Fiberglass Filament Tape

1020 industrial adhesive tape

For heavy duty applications, 1020 is the right filament tape you need. This industrial adhesive tape is manufactured to guarantee the highest possible performance, thanks to its fiberglass reinforcement and three-layered polypropylene backing.

Its fiberglass weave, in fact, makes this product one of the strongest in our catalog. It offers exceptional adhesive and holding power and sticks on the surface for a very long time. It can be used to reinforce, ship, and palletize cardboard boxes.

Industrial strapping adhesive tapes

1050 | Medium Duty Packaging Strapping Tape

1050 industrial adhesive tape

Finally, let’s take a look at PPM’s best strapping tapes. One of these is 1050, an industrial adhesive tape for pallet and packaging strapping. It is made with mono oriented polypropylene which offers resistance, elasticity, and flexibility.

This product is ideal to reinforce, palletize, and secure boxes while offering easy application and removal compared to traditional stretch films. It also offers an excellent quality-price ratio.

1080 | Heavy Duty Packaging Strapping Tape

1080 industrial adhesive tape

Another important strapping tape is 1080, specifically designed for heavy duty applications. This industrial adhesive tape has a three layered structure which makes it the most ideal strapping solution in our catalog.

This tape offers versatility, strength, resistance, and high quality – everything in a single product. It is mainly used to easily secure load shiftings.

Take a look at all the industrial adhesive tapes we can offer!

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PPM’s private label service to realize customized tapes

If you can’t find the solution you were thinking of in our catalog or you were looking for a specific tape for your destination use, don’t worry: PPM also offers a private label service!

This way, you can ask us to customize the industrial adhesive tape of your dreams in terms of:

  • tape core design
  • shrink packaging and labels
  • branded single roll packaging
  • shipping boxes and labels
  • shop display

You can choose from a wide variety of customization options and make your industrial adhesive tape your own. Uniqueness is what will make your products stand out from the competition, everybody knows it!

So, if you can’t find the solution that best suits you, why not make it from scratch?

Let PPM help you create an industrial adhesive tape that represents your company!

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