07 September 2023

PPM's extensive range of packaging tapes: tailored solutions for all sizes, materials, weights and storage methods

PPM offers a wide range of packaging tapes: filament, strapping and paper. Ideal for professional packaging needs, reliable, and environmentally friendly.

In the fast-paced world of professional packaging, having access to a range of essential supplies becomes necessary to secure the package boxes effectively. Among these, packaging tapes provide the finishing touch that ensures package boxes are sealed to perfection. Whether you are bundling products, reinforcing packages, or securing pallets, PPM offers an extensive selection of packaging tapes meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of industry experts. From filament tapes to strapping tapes and paper tapes, PPM has meticulously designed solutions for every packaging challenge.

PPM’s packaging tapes: Filament Tapes

Filament tape is a hot-melt adhesive tape widely used in various industries for heavy packaging and wrapping tasks. Its unique composition increases its ability to resist mechanical stress and maintain adhesive strength, making filament tape a formidable choice for a wide range of applications, from industrial to commercial. As follows, PPM’s filament tapes for packaging.

1008 - Light Duty Mono Oriented Fibreglass Filament Tape

PPM 1008 Light Duty Mono Oriented Fibreglass Filament Tape is the go-to choice for light and medium-duty applications. This tape features longitudinal fiberglass inserts, providing robust bundling and reinforcement capabilities. With a three-layered polypropylene backing and a solvent-free hot melt adhesive, it ensures reliable performance. Ideal for medium-duty packaging, pallet fastening, and general reinforcement in the industrial sector.

1010 - Medium Duty Mono Oriented Fibreglass Filament Tape

Stepping up the strength game, the 1010 Medium Duty Mono Oriented Fibreglass Filament Tape offers higher tensile strength compared to its counterpart, 1008. Recommended for light and medium-duty applications, it shares the same three-layered polypropylene backing and powerful hot melt adhesive, but what sets it apart is its ability to be removed without breaking. Perfect for medium-duty packaging, pallet fastening, and industrial reinforcement.

1020 - Heavy Duty Mono Oriented Fibreglass Filament Tape

When heavy-duty applications demand the utmost in strength, turn to PPM 1020 Heavy Duty Mono Oriented Fiberglass Filament Tape. Designed for high-performance requirements, it features a three-layered polypropylene backing and a robust fibreglass structure. This tape excels in packaging, box reinforcing, shipping, and palletizing thanks to its exceptional strength and adhesive properties.

1210 - Heavy Duty Cross Weave Filament Tape

PPM 1210 Heavy Duty Cross Weave Filament Tape is a bi-oriented fibreglass filament tape for top-notch performance and maximum load safety. Its unique cross-weave structure of glass yarn ensures a continuous, bidirectional grip on surfaces, while the three-layered polypropylene backing further reinforces its strength.

PPM’s packaging tapes: Strapping Tapes

Thanks to their impressive tensile strength, strapping tapes are well-suited for a variety of applications, including reinforcing materials, industrial packaging, securing items, bundling packages, and fastening pallets. Discover PPM's strapping tapes designed for packaging applications.

1050 - Medium Duty Packaging Strapping Tape

The Medium-Duty Packaging Strapping Tape, boasts high tensile strength, resistance to mechanical stress and easy removal without breakage. With a mono-oriented polypropylene backing and a powerful hot melt adhesive, it makes pallet and packaging wrapping quick, easy and safe. It is also available in various colours for easy identification.

1080 - Heavy Duty Packaging Strapping Tape

For the most demanding industrial applications, the 1080 Heavy Duty Packaging Strapping Tape is the answer. Thanks to its three-ply structure, it offers unparalleled resistance to mechanical stress, tears and tearing. This tape is perfect for heavy and valuable pallets and packaging, providing secure loads and saving time compared to traditional stretch film.

PPM’s packaging tapes: Paper Packaging Tapes

Paper packaging tapes represent tailored solutions for manual applications. These paper packaging tapes are exceptionally well-suited for sealing packages, parcels, and envelopes. PPM's Paper packaging tapes are designed to be easily torn by hand and have a smooth unwind, all while providing substantial tensile strength.

4010 - Entry Level Carton Sealing Paper Tape

When it comes to manual box or cardboard packaging applications, the 4010 Entry Level Carton Sealing Paper Tape shines. It provides a strong hold, good tensile strength, and slip resistance. Made with saturated crepe paper, it's easy to unwind and can be torn by hand. Additionally, it supports sustainability efforts, with 40% of its raw materials coming from natural resources and a solvent-free adhesive.

4020 - Standard Paper Packaging Tape

4020 Standard Paper Packaging Tape is a cost-effective solution for manual box or cardboard sealing, even in hot, tropical climates. With its solvent-based adhesive, it offers a reliable hold, high slip resistance, and clean removal. Its brown paper backing is shock-resistant, making it suitable for all shipping needs.

4040 - Medium-Heavy Weight Paper Packaging Tape ECO LINE

For medium to heavy-weight boxes, the 4040 Medium-Heavy Weight Paper Packaging Tape ECO LINE is your eco-conscious choice. With a strong flatback paper backing made from over 80% bio-based materials, it balances performance and sustainability. The synthetic rubber-resin solvent-free adhesive ensures excellent holding and adhesion, and it's easy to unwind and tear by hand.

PPM's comprehensive selection of packaging tapes is specifically crafted to meet the requirements of professionals in diverse industries. Whether you need the robustness of filament tapes, the dependability of strapping tapes, or the ease of use of paper tapes, we have a bespoke solution for you.

To showcase our entire range of packaging tapes and our expertise in the production of high-quality adhesive tapes, we will join the Pack Expo in Las Vegas from the 11th to the 13th of September, a salient event in the packaging and processing industry worldwide.

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