17 April 2024

Industrial packaging tape: filament or strapping tape, which choose?

In this article, we delve into the realm of industrial packaging tape, specifically examining the choice between filament tape and strapping tape. These two types of tape serve as essential components in securing and reinforcing packages, pallets, and shipments across various industries.

In the industrial packaging industry, selecting the proper tape is paramount to ensuring the safe transit and storage of goods. Among the different types of adhesive tapes, two primary contenders stand out: filament tape and strapping tape. Both serve distinct purposes and offer unique advantages, catering to various packaging needs. Let's delve into the characteristics of each and explore their suitability for different applications.

Filament Tape: Reinforced strength for medium to heavy-duty applications

Filament tape is a highly durable adhesive tape used for securing cardboard boxes, heavy-duty packaging, bundling, pallet unitizing, and general reinforcement in any sector. This tape contains fibreglass reinforcements in the form of woven strips that make it incredibly strong and resistant to tearing. Due to its high tensile strength, this tape is capable of withstanding intense pressure during the transportation of goods. It is particularly useful for bundling purposes, as it prevents elongation and offers maximum support to heavy and delicate products that need extra protection during shipping. Filament tapes are available in different grades to meet various load requirements. In particular, PPM offers two types of fibreglass filament tapes:

  • Mono-Oriented Filament Tapes provide strength in a singular direction with vertical fibreglass reinforcements.
  • Cross-weave filament Tapes feature a cross-weave pattern with fibreglass reinforcements in both vertical and horizontal directions.

PPM Fibreglass Filament tape: the full range

PPM 1008 Light Duty Mono-Oriented Fiberglass Filament Tape is perfect for light and medium-duty applications. It has longitudinal fibreglass inserts and a three-layered polypropylene backing, ensuring reliable bundling and reinforcement with strong holding power. This tape is solvent-free and is suitable for pallet fastening and general industrial reinforcement needs

PPM 1010 The Medium Duty Mono-Oriented Fiberglass Filament Tape provides enhanced reinforcement capabilities and increased tensile strength compared to its lighter counterpart. It is highly suitable for medium-duty packaging applications and pallet fastening due to its powerful hot melt adhesive.

PPM 1020 Heavy Duty Mono-Oriented Fiberglass Filament Tape is the pinnacle of reinforced filament tape technology. Engineered for high-performance requirements, it features a robust fibreglass structure and a powerful adhesive for exceptional holding power. This tape finds its place in heavy-duty packaging, box reinforcing, and palletizing tasks.

PPM 1210 Heavy Duty Cross Weave Filament Tape takes reinforcement to the next level with its bi-oriented, cross-weave fibreglass structure. Offering maximum load safety and durability, this tape is ideal for heavy-duty sealing, shipping, and palletizing in professional and industrial settings.

Strapping Tape: Versatile solutions for secure packaging

Strapping tape is designed to provide a secure way of strapping pallets and packaging with ease of application and removal. Made with a polypropylene backing, this tape offers elasticity and flexibility, making it capable of conforming to various shapes and surfaces, ensuring a secure fit for all your packaging needs. Our 1050 Medium Duty Packaging Strapping Tape offers high tensile strength and resistance to mechanical stress. Its elastic and flexible polypropylene backing, combined with a hot melt adhesive, ensures a powerful hold on application surfaces. This tape is versatile, and durable, and facilitates quick and easy wrapping, making it suitable for industrial packaging and palletizing tasks. The PPM mono-oriented strapping solution, 1080 Heavy Duty Packaging Strapping Tape, is recommended for heavy and valuable pallets and packaging, ensuring safe load shifting and quick removal without breakage. Its three-layered structure makes it even more resistant to mechanical stress, rip and tear compared to PPM’s Packaging Strapping Tape 1050.

When deciding between filament tape and strapping tape, consider the specific requirements of your packaging or bundling task. Filament tapes excel in providing reinforced strength for medium to heavy-duty applications while strapping tapes offer versatile solutions for secure pallet and packaging strapping. Choose the tape that best aligns with your specific packaging needs and enjoy peace of mind knowing your goods are securely packaged for transit and storage.

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