16 April 2019

Waterproof Duct Tape: the best solution for outdoor repairing needs

A waterproof duct tape should be in the toolbox and in the drawer of every house. This little tape is indeed an incredible tool for emergency repairs, mounting broken parts of almost everything, sealing holes and leaks. When you add waterproof properties, duct tape becomes all-powerful, as it can be used both indoor and outdoor. Let’s discover more about waterproof duct tape and the products we can offer you.

waterproof duct tape


In this article we are going to go over the following topics:

Waterproof duct tape: from the backing to the adhesive

Let’s start from the basics with some hints of tape engineering. Where do waterproof duct tape’s properties come from?

The waterproof property of duct tape is given by the composition of the backing. The backing is made with a double layer: the first is made up of a polyethylene film band, an excellent barrier against water infiltration and guarantee of elasticity; the second is a fabric mesh characterized by very high resistance to tearing.

The adhesive is made with a hot-melt glue that guarantees excellent holding power, even in harsh conditions for a prolonged time. You know that sticky, strong, and tough glue that resists almost everything? That is hot-melt adhesive, the perfect solution for difficult applications.

Discover more about the waterproof properties of duct tape on the dedicated page.

Applications of waterproof duct tape: some examples

For all these reasons, waterproof duct tape is ideal for a series of outdoor and semi-permanent applications:

  • Repair of damaged car and motorcycle components: your rearview mirror is broken and detaching? The bumper of your car is cracked? With waterproof duct tape, you can fix them immediately, as you can fix any other damaged or detaching part. Thanks to the tape’s resistance to weather conditions, you do not even need to worry about exposing the repaired area to rain, sun and cold.
waterproof duct tape
  • Repair of holes in pipes and pipelines, for temporary plugging of small water leaks: waterproof duct tape is the perfect ally in your garden and your kitchen. The tape does not fear water and can be used to seal small leaks and holes in ducts, pipes, watering cans, etc.
Repair of holes in pipes and pipelines
  • Packaging intended for long container journeys exposed to different climatic conditions: if you have to pack a box in a way you are sure it will not open, even after a long journey across difficult climates (especially tropical climates), waterproof duct tape is the solution, again. Its sealing power is exceptional and will lead the box safe to destination.


PPM Industries waterproof duct tapes

PPM Industries is a global duct tape manufacturer with several private label customers and distributors all over the world. We produce a complete range of waterproof duct tapes in different grades, so to give the right solution to every need, from DIY use up to professional-industrial application.

Our range of waterproof duct tapes include:

  • PPM 9051: economy grade waterproof duct tape
  • PPM 9061: utility grade waterproof duct tape
  • PPM 9062: professional grade waterproof duct tape
  • PPM 9081: contractor medium grade waterproof duct tape
  • PPM 9092: contractor high grade waterproof duct tape

Take a closer look at our duct tape range!


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