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    Home / Waterproof Duct Tape

    Waterproof Duct Tape

    If we had to write down a list of the most helpful tools for professional and DIY repair activities, waterproof duct tape would be definitely on it. The tiny strip of water-resistant fabric is an extremely useful product that finds an endless range of applications in many sectors.

    PPM Industries offers a complete portfolio of waterproof duct tapes to private label companies. Due to a decades-long experience in adhesive tape manufacturing, each tape is designed to provide the highest quality-ratio rate while never sacrificing its essential features.

    The materials are carefully chosen to gain the perfect balance between the tape properties. If you want to know more about the engineering behind the tape, read the next paragraphs. Otherwise, skip to the list of our waterproof duct tapes to know what we can offer.

    Waterproof backing: how is it made?

    Every waterproof duct tape is made up of two components: the backing and the adhesive layer on it. It is the backing, with its double layer structure, that guarantees the water-resistant properties of the tape. The first layer is a stripe of polyethylene film that works as a barrier against water infiltration; also, the polyethylene guarantees excellent elongation properties. The second layer is a cloth mesh with high resistance to tear.

    The adhesive

    The adhesive is produced from solvent-free synthetic rubber resin, melted down up to create a homogeneous mix with excellent tack and holding properties.

    Our range of waterproof duct tapes

    Our waterproof duct tapes are scaled in order to offer solutions at different performance. As we mentioned, even the most economic model guarantees the basic functional properties and can be trusted for any professional job.

    Let’s take a look at the tapes:

    • PPM 9051: economy-grade waterproof duct tape, ideal for light applications and repairs in any sector. Best for indoor use;
    • PPM 9061: utility-grade waterproof duct tape with higher adhesion, holding power and tensile strength compared to 9051. The tape can be employed in wet conditions such as hose repairing;
    • PPM 9062: professional waterproof duct tape, ideal for outdoor and all-weather applications. Besides water-resistance, the tape offer excellent temperature resistance from -10°C to 60°C, once applied;
    • PPM 9081: medium-grade contractor waterproof duct tape, dedicated to the building and construction sector. PPM 9081 is an all-weather duct tape with temperature resistance from -10°C to 60°C and excellent tensile strength;
    • PPM 9092: high-grade contractor waterproof duct tape for professional applications in the building, agricultural and industrial sector. The tape is ideal for heavy material holding, sealing and wrapping applications even on difficult surfaces such as stone and concrete.

    Private Label Service

    Our private label service is addressed to the Companies and Brands who want to expand their product range with high-quality adhesive solutions for both the professional and home markets.

    If you represent one of them, you just have to let us know your requirements. We will suggest the best solution and product-line to meet them.

    As a private label product, each tape can be completely customized:

    • In the core design;
    • In the shrink packaging;
    • In the label;
    • In the external packaging and shipping box;
    • In the display (fairs, retail shops etc.)
    Contact us to ask for more information!

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