15 July 2019

Water resistant tape: some examples from PPM full range

Are you looking for a water resistant tape? PPM Industries manufactures and supplies different kinds of waterproof tapes, each aimed at a specific use. In this article, we browse some of the best from our range, highlighting their suggested application, so to help you understand which tape is the best for your needs.

water resistant tape


According to their application, we can divide our range of water resistant tapes into three categories:

  1. Water resistant masking tapes for professional painters
  2. Water resistant masking tapes for body shop painting
  3. Water resistant duct tapes for sealing and bundling applications

Let’s take a deeper look.


Water resistant tape for professional painting

Masking tapes are typically made with a paper backing, so it might come as a surprise that some of them are actually water resistant. The secret lays in some special treatments that are performed on the paper backing to increase its resistance to moisture and water-based paints.


Water resistant tape for vehicle painting and refinishing

A water resistant tape for the car refinishing sector has to face an additional challenge: besides waterproof properties, it has to guarantee high temperature resistance to keep its hold during the drying cycles. We faced and won this challenge with two of the most advanced masking tapes of our body shop range:

PPM 3610 is water resistant masking tape available in a wide range of colors. It is our top-range product among waterproof high temperature tapes. It can withstand up to 90°C for one hour or 110°C for half an hour, while guaranteeing excellent hold, clean removal and adaptation to different surfaces.


Water resistant duct tape for the construction sector

The whole range of PPM duct tapes is water resistant, as they are all made with a Polyethylene synthetic cloth that has naturally waterproof properties. We are proud to introduce three of the strongest and toughest of our duct tapes:

PPM 9061 and PPM 9081 are waterproof duct tapes designed for all-weather and outdoor challenging applications, especially in the building sector. PPM 9081 also guarantees excellent performance at low temperatures (-10°C), once applied. Both the tapes are available in a wide range of colors.


If you’d like to know more about waterproof duct tape, read this article.

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