04 December 2020

Washi masking tape: welcome the newest members of our range!

PPM has a complete range of selected washi painter’s tapes, ideal for masking surfaces during professional painting jobs, both indoor and outdoor. Today, we welcome 2 new members to the family! Let’s take a closer look at them and how they help step up the overall quality of the entire range.

What is washi masking tape?

Let’s not give anything for granted: what is washi masking tape? Washi is the traditional Japanese word for “paper”. Therefore, a washi tape is a type of paper masking tape made using Japanese natural local fibers from the inner bark of the gampi tree, the mitsumata shrub, or the paper mulberry bush.

So, can I use washi tape as masking tape? Absolutely. In fact, washi masking tape is a highly performing fine line masking tape, perfect for masking different kinds of surfaces, from most to least delicate, guaranteeing the best professional finishing in terms of paint edges without annoying re-works, touch ups or surface damages.

If you’re interested in knowing more about our full range of washi masking tapes, contact us! We will show you which one better satisfies your painting needs.

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PPM’s newest washi painter’s tapes

Without further ado, here are the newest products of our washi painter’s tape range.

5025 Painter’s Ultra Delicate Masking Tape

Our 5025 washi delicate masking tape is specifically designed to be applied on the most sensitive surfaces, such as plaster, frescos, painted walls and wallpaper, without ever having to worry about causing any damage.

Thanks to its ultra-sensitive adhesive, it successfully prevents paint from bleeding through and it can be left in place for 1 week after the application.

This washi masking tape for delicate surfaces can also be used to mask more common indoor surfaces, such as PVC, glass and wood, allowing for a clean removal up to 14 days after the application. Thanks to its gentle adhesive, it can also be safely applied on both doors profiles and windows outlines, which are exposed to UV rays, without damaging the surface.

5110 Painter’s Indoor Fine Line Masking Tape

Our 5110 professional washi masking tape is designed to be the ultimate adhesive solution for every indoor painting job. Thanks to its special rubber-based adhesive, gentle yet firm, this delicate washi masking tape delivers sharp paint lines on most common indoor surfaces, with no surface damage up to 1 week after the application.

When applied on more delicate surfaces, such as wallpaper and fresh paint, this washi painter’s tape allows for a clean removal up to 4 days after application.

It’s an incredibly versatile washi masking tape, compatible with both solvent-based and water-based paints; and it’s also water resistant, which makes it the perfect universal product for all indoor painting and decorative activities. A true must-have for every professional painter.

The other members of the washi masking tape range

Upon welcoming these two new products into the family, let’s go over the other members of our range:

  • 5010 Painter’s Universal Fine Line Masking Tape: this washi masking tape is resistant to moisture and most common water and solvent based paints. When applied outdoor, it can last up to 3 months, with a great UV resistance and clean removal; if applied indoor, it can provide a great adhesion and a clean removal up to 6 months after application. It’s ideal for masking PVC, glass, wood, aluminum, plaster walls and Forex®;
  • 5020 Painter’s Low Tack Fine Line Masking Paper: this washi masking tape is designed to ensure extremely sharp paint edges, while still protecting the underneath painted surface. Thanks to its gentle acrylic adhesive, it requires a very low removal force, which makes removing the tape extremely safe and easy. This washi painter’s tape is the ideal product for touch-ups and finishes on freshly applied paint, assuring a clean removal without leaving residues on the surface within 24 hours from the application.
  • 5030 Painter’s Outdoor Fine Line Masking Tape: this washi painter’s tape is ideal for professional high-performance outdoor painting jobs. Thanks to its special adhesive formula, this washi masking tape guarantees incredible performances, even under the roughest weather conditions. It is water, UV and temperature resistant and it can stay in place for up to 5 months after application. It perfectly adapts to multiple surfaces such as PVC, glass, wood, aluminum, cement walls and Forex®.

As you can see, no washi masking tape is like the other. According to the type of surface you’re going to work on, you’ll need a specific washi painter’s tape: the one that will allow you to get a perfect razor-sharp edge, without ever risking damaging the surface.

If you’re interested in knowing more about our full range of washi masking tapes, contact us! We will show you which one better satisfies your painting needs.

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