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    How to choose the best duct tape

    When we speak about duct tape, we refer to a product that is extremely versatile, suited for many applications in different fields. However, any duct tape should possess some important features: in this article, we deepen the qualities of the best duct tape.


    Duct tape has become over time an important ally in many DIY applications: from the fixing and repairing of any kind of object to the sealing of holes and leaks, this tape is suitable for endless applications. Despite the wide range of uses that duct tape covers, we can easily identify some qualities that cannot lack in the best duct tape, whatever the product is intended for: without any surprise, these qualities are an immediate consequence of the need to adapt to different purposes. Let’s see all of them.

    Good tensile strength

    To ensure good results in temporary mounting, fixing and repairing, the best duct tapes perform an excellent resistance to mechanical stress. This quality is given by the backing of the tape that, in a good duct tape, is realized with synthetic materials. One of the most used is polyethylene, which possesses a high impact strength and strong creep, features that let it warp without breaking.

    Excellent adhesion power

    Duct tape is known for its long lasting ability to stick strongly on the surface it is applied to. This is for sure its most precious quality, the one that makes it so efficient in repairing applications. In order to guarantee an excellent adhesion power, the best duct tapes are made with hot-melt adhesives, gained with a technology that consists in the heat melting of the adhesives themselves in order to homogenize their components.


    Adaptability to different surfaces

    Thanks to the strength of its adhesives, a good duct tape should be capable of adapting to many different surfaces, becoming a versatile tool for jointing and sealing the most various objects. The best duct tapes can also fit to irregular or uneven surfaces, keeping their hold for a long time.

    Resistance to humidity

    When you choose a duct tape for outdoor applications, check out its level of resistance to humidity: once applied, the best duct tapes are made to endure tough weather conditions, from wet to extreme temperature. These qualities make duct tapes an excellent tool in the construction sector, for heavy-duty activities in building and renovating processes. If you’d like to know more about waterproof duct tape, I suggest you read this article.

    Low temperature application

    In outdoor applications, the capability of guaranteeing a good performance at low temperature is an essential quality. The best duct tape, once applied, should resist a temperature of several degrees below the zero, keeping its hold even in winter.

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