20 May 2022

Sustainable Tapes: PPM’s Solutions for an Eco-Friendly Future

PPM’s focus on eco-friendly adhesive tapes has increased over the past few years – and our attention to this matter is constantly growing. From now on, you can rest assured that our catalog will include sustainable paper packaging, masking, and duct tapes, and we’ll strive to develop new and recyclable-friendly solutions. Find out everything about these products here!

In this article you will find out about:

Before delving into the true meaning of sustainability for PPM and finding out the certifications we achieved, let us show you the incredible eco-friendly products in our catalog!

PPM’s ECO LINE of eco-friendly adhesive tapes

PPM takes quite seriously the respect and protection of our planet. In doing so, our manufacturing processes have been aimed to create eco-friendly tapes with a reduced impact on the environment. That’s how our ECO LINE was born! Take a closer look at it:

4040 – Eco packaging tape


PPM’s 4040 Medium-Heavy Weight Paper Packaging Tape is a strong member of our ECO LINE. As a sustainable packaging tape, it is made with 30% recycled fibers. Overall, 60% of the raw materials used for this eco-packaging tape comes from natural sources.

Its performance is nonetheless excellent:

  • its firm synthetic rubber offers sealing capabilities in medium-high weight boxes
  • it’s easy to unwind and hand tearable
  • guarantees strong adhesion on paper and cartons
  • it’s tamper-evident

4040 is an FSC® certified eco paper packing tape and, in accordance with INGEDE certification, it can be left on the cardboard without hindering the whole recycling process.

4050 – Eco-friendly packaging tape


PPM’s 4050 Heavy Weight Paper Packaging Tape is yet another strong eco-friendly paper tape in our ECO LINE, mainly thanks to its reinforcement with glass filaments which make it ideal for heavy applications. This sustainable packaging tape, in fact, has a 40% bio-based flatback paper backing and is made with 30% recycled fibers.

Among its features, you will find:

  • a high-performance hot melt adhesive
  • a reinforced backing
  • exceptional adhesion on cardboard
  • it’s tamper-evident

As an FSC® certified product, 4050 is an eco paper packing tape that can be disposed of in the paper bin with its box. Furthermore, in accordance with INGEDE certification, it can be left on the cardboard without hindering the whole recycling process.

9051E – Eco-friendly duct tape


As regards eco-friendly duct tapes, PPM is a leader in the market. Our manufacturing and innovation capabilities led us to create the first recyclable duct tapes ever. One of these is 9051E Economy Grade Duct Tape.

As part of our ECO LINE, this entry-level DIY eco-friendly duct tape is developed with a backing of 60% post-industrial recycled low-density polyethylene, and its coating is made with a synthetic rubber-resin solvent-free adhesive.

Up to 48% of the plastic of this product comes from recycled materials, and that’s how the tape obtained the PSL (Plastic Second Life) certification. Other features it offers are:

  • great conformability and adhesion to dissimilar materials
  • easy hand tearability
  • high protection, sealing and repairing capabilities

9061E – Eco-friendly duct tape


Finally, there’s another innovative eco-friendly duct tape in our ECO LINE, and that’s 9061E Utility Grade Duct Tape. This entry-level DIY sustainable tape has a backing of 60% post-industrial recycled low-density polyethylene and has a coating made of synthetic rubber-resin solvent-free adhesive.

This product is made of recycled plastic for up to 48% – it is PSV certified – and is characterized by:

  • great conformability and adhesion to dissimilar materials
  • easy hand tearability
  • high protection, sealing and repairing capabilities

Take a look at our full catalog and discover more eco-friendly adhesive tapes!

FSC certified products


Eco-friendly packaging tapes: the more the merrier

PPM is relentlessly engaged in manufacturing sustainable tapes. This is why, besides our ECO LINE, our catalog includes two other eco-friendly packing tapes. We’re talking about:

  • 4010 Entry Level Carton Sealing Paper Tape, a brown eco paper packaging tape with 40% of its raw materials coming from natural sources. It is INGEDE certified and can be produced according to the FSC® certification.
  • 4020 Standard Brown Paper Packaging Tape, a solvent-based eco paper packing tape with 50% of its materials coming from natural sources. It is made from FSC®-certified forests and is INGEDE certified.

Eco-friendly packing tapes are the future. Discover PPM’s range:

Paper packaging tapes


What about masking tape, is it eco-friendly?

Eco masking tape is a bit harder to produce because manufacturers cannot ensure that it is 100% sustainable. It has to do with the specific materials used to offer the unique characteristics this product can offer.

So, to answer the question “is masking tape eco-friendly?”, the answer is: not entirely, but PPM can achieve the highest percentage of sustainable and recyclable materials. In fact, we’ve been able to manufacture eco masking tapes holding the FSC® certification

Specifically, these solutions are:

Want to know better about every eco-friendly masking tape solution? Check out our catalog:

Masking tapes


PPM’s commitment to manufacturing sustainable tapes

To be aligned with the Agenda 2030, a global action plan whose aim is to fight against climate change – among others, PPM has decided over the last two years to undertake the sustainable path towards the manufacturing of eco-friendly adhesive tapes, by adopting several ecodesign drivers.


Let’s define better how our processes are carried out:

Use of controlled and certified renewable raw materials

Raw materials derived from plants, biomass, and other bio-based materials have been increasingly used in manufacturing PPM’s sustainable tapes. Especially in the PSA sector, where the backing of packaging tapes is usually made with non-renewable material.

That’s why our focus was to offer eco-friendly paper packaging and masking tapes to our customers, and this is exactly what we’ve been doing, especially obtaining the FSC® certification for many of our adhesive solutions.

This certification ensures the responsible management of the sources used to create a specific sustainable tape, specifically from environmental, social, and economical points of view. In fact, PPM aims to obtain the FSC® certification for all its products in order to improve both the environment and the tape industry processes.



Recyclability of the finished product

In the PSA sector, tapes are pretty much involved in recycling mostly because they are applied to cardboard boxes. This means that the two materials are eventually disposed of together, thus potentially hindering the recycling process.

In order to make the finished product completely recyclable, it is necessary to develop eco-friendly packing tapes, such as:

  • adhesive tapes effectively detaching from the cardboard, which allow both the cardboard and the tape to be recovered and recycled
  • adhesive tapes that detach from the cardboard their paper backing, which make it possible to recover and recycle these materials with up to 40% of waste.

In this regard, PPM is working to obtain the INGEDE certification for our sustainable paper tapes. INGEDE is a German certification recognized on the international level assessing that sustainable packaging tapes do not hinder any paper recycling processes. Thus, cardboard can be recovered while the tape is sorted in the general waste.

That’s why PPM’s paper packaging tapes cannot be categorized as “a recycling-friendly” tape, but still represent products that support the recycling processes.

Use of recycled raw materials

Finally, the reuse of raw materials is a focal matter in PPM’s efforts to reduce the exploitation of resources. This has been translating into the improvement of recycled material that doesn't alter the properties of the final product.

For example, we’ve been engaged in making our paper-based products more eco-friendly in the PSA sector, and our plastic-based products less impactful on the environment, through the use of recycled content – specifically:

  • PIR (Post-Industrial Recycled) plastic, which is recovered from industrial production processes waste.


  • PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) plastic, which is collected in the recycling chain, cleaned, grounded, and later composed in uniform pellets.

Thanks to our efforts, today PPM is the first company on the adhesive tape market to be Plastic Second Life (PSL) certified by the Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastic.

If you want to delve more into sustainable and eco-friendly adhesive tape solutions, just ask us!

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