04 March 2022

PPM, the Masking Tape Distributor of Reliable Solutions!

If you’re looking for a masking tape distributor with a wide catalog and a full service, you’ve found the right one: PPM is not only a distributor of masking tapes and other taping products, but also offers a private label service to better meet your needs. Find out in this article our best masking tapes and what our service includes.

masking tape distributor

Masking tape is a trusted partner for numberless applications. Its strength, versatility, and ease of use made it widespread in many industrial fields, but also for DIY jobs.

PPM is a masking tape distributor offering reliable solutions to everyone in search of the perfect adhesive tape. Here below are some of the best products in our catalog, according to their specific use. Let’s take a look!

PPM, masking tape distributor for multiple applications

Masking tape for body shop


3610 masking tape

As the name suggests, AquaColor Body Shop Masking Tape 3610 is specifically designed to mask cars and auto body parts during painting and spraying processes. Thanks to its high-temperature resistance – up to 90°C (60 min) or 110°C (30 min) – this product can withstand drying operations.

3610 is made with a crepe paper backing and a solvent-borne rubber adhesive. It’s a formula that offers easy removal and leaves no trace, thus it can be used on different surfaces.

PPM distributes this masking tape in different sectors: not only in body shops, but also in the transportation, building, and wood industry. In fact, its resistance to moisture, water, and solvent-based paints is ideal for wall painting in wet conditions.


3010 masking tape

High Grade Body Shop Masking Tape 3010 is another excellent solution to effectively obtain a professional adhesion and masking in automotive refinishing and nautical applications.

This product guarantees high resistance in terms of temperatures during drying cycles – up to 90°C (60 min) or 110°C (30 min) –, adhesion strength, water and humidity, and last but not least in terms of UV rays, with a resistance ensured for 3 days.

As a masking tape distributor, PPM only resorts to effective and advanced adhesive systems: this is why this tape with crepe paper backing and solvent-based formula works perfectly on irregular surfaces and is easy to remove without leaving any trace.


3009 masking tape

Finally, Medium Grade Body Shop Masking Tape 3009 is a cost-effective solution made with crepe paper backing and solvent-based adhesive. It can withstand high temperatures during drying cycles up to 80°C (60 min).

This masking tape is ideal for any type of application involving water and solvent-based paint and for any kind of use on irregular surfaces because it assures clean edges, easy removal, and no residual trace.

PPM is a masking tape distributor of 3009 paper tapes mostly in the automotive aftermarket, where it is appreciated for its excellent adhesion on painted metal, rubber, and glass.

Masking tape for building and constructions


6009 masking tape

Entry Level Masking Tape 6009 is the perfect ally for basic indoor applications in the building and construction sector. It works excellently at steady temperatures on different surfaces and with most types of paint.

Made with hot melt adhesive and a thinner paper packing – compared to other masking tapes distributed by PPM – it guarantees quick and easy tearing and removal.

6009’s quality-price ratio is advantageous. Upon demand, you can also request FSC® certified paper masking tapes.


6010 masking tape

General Use Masking Tape 6010 is a practical and versatile solution both for professional and DIY applications in the building and construction field, but it is specifically ideal for indoor use at steady temperatures.

Among its main features, we must mention its quick and easy tearing and removal, but also its great quality-price ratio that does not preclude effective performance and reliability.

Made with saturated crepe paper and a hot melt adhesive, 6010 guarantees good adhesion on multiple and irregular surfaces. PPM is also a masking tape distributor of FSC® certified tapes, available on demand.


5210 masking tape

Outdoor Masking Tape 5210 is a very special tape because it is entirely made without solvents throughout its manufacturing process. In fact, we are masking tape distributors of eco-friendly solutions too!

This professional masking tape has the highest performance in outdoor applications, thanks to its technical acrylic-based adhesive that specifically protects against moisture, UV rays, and different changes in temperature up to 30 days.

Choosing 5210 means obtaining a masking tape designed to adapt to different and irregular surfaces, with high conformability, and that works excellently with both solvent and water-based paints – without leaving any trace when removed.

Masking tape for painting and renovation


2010 masking tape

As an entry-level adhesive offering a great quality-price ratio, Painter’s Multi-Purpose Masking Tape 2010 is a professional and effective solution for all types of use. It’s quick and easy to remove and leaves no residue on any surface.

With a thin crepe paper offering sharper paint edges and good holding power, 2010 is suitable for the protection of walls and furniture when carrying out a painting job.

In fact, in spite of its versatility, PPM distributes this masking tape mostly for painting applications, where it finds widespread use thanks to its compatibility with different kinds of paint.


2020 masking tape

Painter’s Basic Masking Tape 2020, instead, is a versatile and cost-effective product ideal for indoor painting applications. Its solvent-based adhesive guarantees enhanced temperature resistance than the hot melt ones (up to 55°C).

This also allows a clean removal in warm environments without breaking within 24 hours, while offering stick reliability and good holding power.

Among its range, PPM is a distributor of masking tapes compatible with both water and solvent-based paints, such as this 2020 paper tape.


2030 masking tape

Finally, High Performance Masking Tape 2030 is a versatile and exceptional solution specifically designed for any type of common paint, both for professional and DIY jobs. 

Its solvent-based adhesive has technical features that allow it to be used under moderate temperatures (up to 60°C) and to be removed quickly and without any residue within 24 hours. Good holding power and easy application are also guaranteed.

PPM is a masking tape distributor supplying 2030 in a broad number of fields, especially the painting one. With an advantageous quality-price ratio, this product is one of the most reliable in its range.

Take a look at PPM’s full range of masking tapes!

Masking tapes

PPM, a masking tape distributor of products with incredible features

As you can see, PPM is a distributor of a wide variety of masking tapes, suitable for any type of application. This is because we want to offer our customers endless possibilities to better meet their needs.

What you will absolutely find in our products are key features such as:

  • Extreme precision, not only in their manufacturing but also in their performance: the masking tapes we distribute guarantee a clean and precise application.
  • Versatility, because you will find different taping products that can be used for indoor or outdoor applications in several fields – both professional and DIY – and that are compatible with different types of paints and adhesives.
  • Resistance to high temperatures and weather conditions, in order to guarantee the best protection against tough conditions – for example, when changes of temperature and high humidity can happen.
  • Customization according to your needs, because PPM is not only a distributor of masking tapes, but also offers a private label service!
masking tape private label

Not only a distributor of masking tape but also of customized solutions

PPM’s offer is not limited to distributing masking tape and other adhesive solutions, but we can also help you customize all the tapes you want with our B2B private label service.

What does this service include? You can choose different customization options for your core tape in terms of logo and color, but you can also find the right packaging for your needs and personalize it too!

A broad assortment of shrink and single roll packaging, labels, shipping boxes, and displays is available to design from scratch, always choosing the logos and the colors that fit right to your company.

Yes, we’re a masking tape distributor, but we also strive to offer the best experience to our clients, and that’s why you can benefit from our private label service to create your very own tapes.

Contact us to create your personal masking tape solutions!

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