29 August 2022

PPM’s Automotive Tapes For Body Shop Works

Automotive tapes are masking tapes used in body shops to cover car parts from paint during repair jobs. They must guarantee specific features and adapt to many kinds of applications. Undoubtedly, PPM has the solution you are looking for. Check out this article to find out our range and service!

automotive masking

In this article, you will get to know:

Automotive tapes
are specifically designed to improve daily projects in body shops. In order to protect the windows and interiors of the vehicle you’re working on, a high quality automotive tape must be required.

Among other products, PPM manufactures tapes for the automotive industry that feature incredible resistance, versatility, and long-lasting performance. Take a look at our top-of-the-range solutions below:

Automotive tapes manufactured by PPM

Resorting to the most suitable materials and formulations, PPM has been able to develop automotive tapes that are not only waterproof and UV resistant, but that offer the strength required in this field.

Here are our high-end solutions for multiple body shops application:

3010 Automotive tape

automotive tape 3010

3010 High Grade Body Shop Masking Tape is a reliable product in the automotive and nautical industries. It is made with a crepe paper backing and a solvent-based adhesive, offering strong adhesion and holding power.

This automotive tape can withstand:

  • high temperatures during drying cycles, for up to 90°C (60 min.) or 110°C (30 min.)
  • water-based paints
  • UV rays for up to 3 days

3010 is perfect for irregular materials – even painted metal, rubber, and glass – because it is easy to remove and leaves no trace on the surface.

3600 Automotive tape

automotive tape 3600

3600 Premium Color Body Shop Masking Tape is a premium masking tape specifically designed for automotive spray painting and repairing. It is made with a flexible and conformable crepe paper backing and a solvent-borne rubber resin adhesive.

The backing comes in different lively hues, which improve visibility during masking operations. Overall, this product is easy to remove and leaves no trace.

This automotive tape can withstand:

  • high temperatures, for up to 110°C
  • common paints and lacquers
  • UV rays for up to 3 days

3710 Automotive tape

automotive tape 3710

3710 Waterproof Superior Color Body Shop Masking Tape is a professional premium automotive tape made with a crepe paper backing and a solvent-borne rubber resin adhesive. It is mainly used when spray-painting cars.

This product can withstand:

  • moisture, water, and solvent-based paints
  • high temperatures during drying cycles, for up to 90°C (60 min.) or 110°C (30 min.)
  • external agents for up to 3 days

3710 is one of the most ideal tapes for the automotive industry because it:

  • is fast and clean to remove
  • prevents the paint from seeping through
  • avoids breaking
  • adapts easily to irregular materials

5040 Automotive tape

automotive tape 5040

Finally, 5040 Precision Line Body Shop Masking Tape is an FSC-certified fine line masking tape used in body shops to obtain razor-sharp lines. It is made with a washi paper backing and a water-base acrylic adhesive.

5040 is highly conformable, which makes it suitable for different applications on small, narrow, or curved surfaces – it sticks effectively to aluminum, plastics, rubber, and glass. It can be removed without leaving any residue.

This automotive tape can withstand:

  • high temperatures during drying cycles, for up to 120°C (60 min.)
  • moisture, most common water, and solvent-base paints

Find out each and every automotive tape we can supply you with:

Automotive Aftermarket


Why are PPM’s masking tapes perfect for the automotive aftermarket?

Did you know that masking tapes were originally designed to be used in automotive refinishing in the 1920s? They were ideal for temporary projects, such as labeling, bundling, masking, and temporary holding.

They were much appreciated because they did not spoil freshly applied paint, and so it is today! We still use automotive masking tapes in body shops but also for other endless applications.

In fact, each one of the PPM’s solutions you’ve seen thus far is a successful ally for the automotive aftermarket and other body shop-related operations. Why? Because they are constantly manufactured to be suited for the spray-painting, regular painting, and repair of cars and vehicles.

When it comes to auto body shop jobs, what’s really important is to cover and protect every surface. This means that the automotive tape must guarantee:

  • thickness and width according to its use
  • excellent adhesion and holding power
  • optimal tensile strength

In PPM’s products, you will certainly find all these features.

automotive tape application


PPM’s customization of automotive tapes

Finally, you should know that PPM not only manufactures tapes for the automotive aftermarket, but we also provide a full service that includes the possibility to create tailor-made tapes!

According to your needs, in fact, our private label service allows you to customize the tape you are looking for in terms of:

  • the tape core, where you can apply the logo of your business so that it’s always visible. Cores can be neutral or have a simple logo (with a maximum of two colors) or multiple logos and colors.
  • the shrink packaging, a protective layer for automotive tapes, which can come in the shape of tower packs, sealing bags, roll wraps, and flats. Once you’ve chosen the right packaging, you can also design the label to apply to it.
  • branded single roll packaging, available in a wide assortment: we’re talking about boxes, cuffs, and roll wraps that will make your automotive tapes even more unique and aesthetically pleasing.
  • the shipping box, so that when the tapes arrive at their destination, your customers will immediately recognize them. Defining a shipping box boosts the image of your company and it’s a means of visually showcasing your values. Even in this case, you can design the label to apply to it
  • finally, the display where to place your tapes in each and every selling point of your company. They can be countertops or floors and are made with corrugated cardboard. Again, choosing the display means drawing attention to your products and making them stand out from the competition.

PPM is a high-quality and professional manufacturer of automotive tapes. We don’t limit ourselves to the production of body shop solutions. We also strive to meet all the needs of our clients.

Thanks to our private label service, we’ve been able to do so, making our partners happy and satisfied with their customized products.

Do you want to customize your own automotive tape too? Ask PPM!

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