26 February 2021

Industrial packaging tape: how to choose the right one for you

In the industrial field there’s always a need for economic, safe, quick and easy palletizing and bundling solutions. However, with so many options available today, it can be hard sometimes to navigate the market and find the right one for you. Don’t worry, PPM can help with that. Here’s our solution to all your palletizing, sealing and bundling needs: industrial packaging tape.

What is industrial packaging tape?

When talking about industrial packaging tape, we are referring to a pressure sensitive tape with a very high tensile strength that allows for bundling applications, carton closing and sealing, reinforced packagingpalletizing heavy loads and securing products during stocking or shipment.

However, not all industrial packaging tape is the same! You will have to look at two specific kinds of tape:

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Types of industrial packaging tape: filament & strapping tape

So, which one is the right one for you? Well, there’s no correct answer per se. It all really depends on the circumstances in which you’ll need to use it and the features you’re looking for in such a tape. So, let’s take a look at our options.

Filament tape

Filament tape is a kind of industrial packaging tape made of a BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) backing, reinforced with fiberglass filaments, that are embedded or interwoven into the backing, in order to enhance its strength and tear-resistance. Moreover, its aggressive hot melt adhesive allows for great holding power and resistance to removal.

The fiberglass inserts can be mono-oriented, therefore oriented only in one direction, horizontally along the tape; or bi-oriented, therefore intertwined in both directions, horizontal and vertical through the tape, in order to provide even stronger hold.

This industrial packaging tape can withstand intense pressure during the transit of loads and its fiberglass reinforcements prevent it from elongating, making it highly suitable for bundling purposes. Therefore, it can be used for sealing boxes containing heavy and delicate products that need maximum support during stocking or shipping.

Strapping tape

Strapping tape is another kind of industrial packaging tape made of a polypropylene backing, which makes it extremely elastic and flexible, while its hot melt adhesive still provides a strong and powerful hold.

Strapping tape allows for load shifting without snapping; and in fact, this kind of industrial packaging tape is replacing stretch film as a faster, less messy, cheaper and yet just as effective solution for wrapping pallets and cartons.

It has one great peculiarity: when applied, strapping tape shrinks back around the cartons and holds them tightly. Also, though the tape is very strong, it has a relatively low tack, which makes it easy to remove without tearing or leaving behind any adhesive residue on the item.

PPM’s industrial packaging tape selection

PPM can provide you with a full range of industrial packaging tapes, ideal to cover all bundling and palletizing needs:

  • 1008 Light Duty Mono Oriented Fiberglass Filament Tapeentry-level industrial packaging tape, recommended for light and medium-duty packaging applications, pallet fastening and general reinforcements in the industrial sector;
  • 1010 Medium Duty Mono Oriented Fiberglass Filament Tape: this industrial tape is an improved version of the previous tape, characterized by a higher tensile strength;
  • 1020 Heavy Duty Mono Oriented Fiberglass Filament Tape: this tape is engineered to sustain high performances and, thanks to its strong holding power, it’s ideal for medium and heavy-duty applications in the industrial field;
  • 1210 Heavy Duty Cross Weave Filament Tape: the top of the filament tape range, when it comes to holding power. This bi-oriented filament tape is engineered to guarantee high-performance and maximum load safety. The cross-weave structure provides a continuous and powerful bi-directional hold, which makes it ideal for heavy box reinforcing, heavy-duty sealing, shipping and palletizing;
  • 1050 Medium Duty Packaging Strapping Tape: this packaging tape features a very high tensile strength, which makes it elastic and flexible, great resistance to mechanical stress and easy removal without breaking. It’s especially suited for industrial packaging, generic reinforcements and palletizing, securing any load with significant time savings compared to regular stretch film;
  • 1080 Heavy Duty Packaging Strapping Tape: this heavy-duty industrial packaging tape is even more resistant to mechanical stress, rips and tears compared to the previous strapping tape. Therefore, it’s recommended for particularly heavy and valuable pallets and packaging that need to be tightly secured.

Not sure which industrial packaging tape is most suited to answer your needs? Ask us! And we will assist you with a personalized consultation.

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