04 February 2019

How can high temperature masking tape help increase your body shop performance?

Are you looking for a professional high temperature masking tape? You are in the right place: on this page, we share with you all the essential information about quality high temp masking tape and give you some suggestions about the best product to buy, specifically for automotive professional masking.

high temperature masking tape

A masking tape resistant to high temperatures improves the results of your body shop operations because it allows obtaining impeccable coatings, reducing processing time and costs. The resistance even at high temperatures is given by the composition of backing (saturated semi crepe paper) and adhesive (solvent based).

  • A high temperature masking tape resistant becomes, in this way, easy and fast to spread;
  • It does not create wrinkles, has perfectly linear edges and is ideal even in the case of different colours paints, one next to the other;
  • Above all, it allows you to use the spray booths and the infrared lamps.

We therefore present our products, resistant from 60° to 120° for an hour of exposure.

Why is high temp masking tape so important in automotive masking?

Bodyshop professional painting procedures often involve the exposure of the vehicles to high temperature, in order to dry the layers of paint faster and better.

The exposure is provided in two ways: with special infrared (IR) lamps focused on the area to dry, or in specific rooms called spray booths, isolated from the rest of the workshop and heated by an internal system. In the average car painting procedure, peak expositions reach 90°C for 20 minutes or 110°C for 2 minutes, according to the technology used for paint drying.

During the exposure, regular masking tape would so get off the vehicle and let the paint bleed onto the underlying area, spoiling the entire painting job. High temperature masking tape, on the contrary, is engineered to keep its hold steadily even at critical temperatures, preventing paint bleeding and overspray.

High temperature masking tape: how it works

To guarantee good adhesion, tensile strength and resistance to extreme temperature, high temperature masking tape are designed with specific features:

  • The backing of the tapes is commonly made with saturated semi crepe paper, a special kind of paper reinforced with a synthetic rubber solution to give it higher tensile strength and mechanical resistance. The paper is crimped in order to gain conformability properties, ideal to follow curves and irregular shapes.
  • The adhesive should be gentle enough to prevent paint flaking and studied with a balanced composition that resists high temperature exposition. The ideal adhesives to these purposes, widely used in masking tapes, are solvent-base adhesives: excellent stability even in critical conditions and gentle tack.

PPM industries high temp masking tape

PPM products are designed to reduce time wasting and improve quality, while providing an efficient solution for high temperature masking. Among their advantages, we mention:

  • A natural rubber base adhesive that provides high temperature resistance up to 120°C (194°F) for one hour
  • A crepe semi saturated paper backing that resists mechanical stress, high temperature exposition and conforms well to the vehicle’s round and irregular surfaces
  • Compatibility with the most popular types of paints employed worldwide for automotive painting, in particular with solvent-base and waterborne paints
  • The tape can be removed easily without leaving any adhesive trace
  • A controlled and easy unwind: they can be torn by hand.

PPM range includes:

  • 3008 – Entry level: high temperature resistance up to 60° for one hour
  • 3009 – Medium grade: resistant up to 80° for one hour
  • 3010 – High grade: resistant up to 90° for one hour or 110° for 30 minutes
  • 3410 – Specifically waterproof. For a high temperature masking tape available in different colours, you can have a look at PPM AcquaColor
  • 5040 – Precision: resistant up to 120° for one hour, and specifically recommended for all applications with extremely narrow grooves.

Which one is the most suitable to your needs?

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