24 June 2022

Automotive Masking: the Tapes that Guarantee a Perfect Job

If you were looking for tapes for endless uses, you can rest assured that PPM has the best solution for you. Our catalog includes tapes for each and every application ‒ automotive masking included! In this article, we’ll be talking about this specific task and the products you can use to deliver a perfect job.

automotive masking

In this article, we’ll delve into the following topics:

Professional and industrial painting is no easy job, most of all when it comes to painting a car. In fact, automotive masking is a task that requires extreme precision and specific tapes to effectively paint and prime vehicles.

In this case, PPM’s masking tapes will help you to accomplish the best results.

Let’s describe automotive masking tape a bit more

Automotive masking is much more complicated than it seems, and the tapes used for it offer unique features. Do you want to know everything about this product? Let us answer your questions straight away:

  • What is automotive masking tape used for?

As the name suggests, automotive masking tapes are expressly designed to make this job easier. Painting and priming vehicles are ordinary tasks in car shops, and in order to obtain a perfect result, it’s important to use the best products.

That’s why these tapes must guarantee the highest possible quality required by their industry. This feature translates into accuracy, cleanliness, and reduced application times.

  • Why is it different from other tapes?

Yes, regular tapes can be used for car paint masking. But why should you? In automotive masking tapes, you will find products that have been specifically engineered for this kind of task. So the obtained results are much, MUCH better!

Tapes designed for this job, in fact:

  • can withstand high temperatures without coming off
  • leave no residue after painting
  • are manufactured with a strong adhesive
automotive masking tape application
  • How is it used in automotive masking?

Masking vehicles for paint requires many details and components to be covered with tape, in order to deliver a perfectly refinished car. Consequently, this product is mostly used to cover glass, panels, interior surfaces, and all those materials that don’t need to be painted or primed.

What’s great about automotive masking tape is that it can be easily put and removed on the vehicle without any damage, so it’s super safe for car paint.

PPM’s incredible range of tapes for automotive masking

3009 for automotive masking

3009 automotive masking tape

3009 Medium Grade Body Shop Masking Tape is one of the most professional and cost-effective solutions for automotive masking available in our catalog. It’s engineered with a crepe paper backing and a solvent-borne adhesive, which makes it ideal for different types of applications.

Among its characteristics, it offers:

  • great adaptability to dissimilar materials
  • no residue and clean edges
  • temperature resistance of up to 80°C for 60 min
  • high holding power in automotive masking

3010 for automotive masking

3010 automotive masking tape

3010 High Grade Body Shop Masking Tape is an automotive masking solution specifically made to resist water-based paints while keeping strong adhesion. It’s manufactured with a crepe paper backing and a solvent-borne adhesive.

The characteristics it guarantees concern:

  • temperature resistance of up to 90°C for 60 min and 110°C for 30 min
  • UV resistance for up to 3 days
  • adaptability on dissimilar surfaces
  • easy removal without any residue

Automotive masking has no limits for PPM: here are two new products

  • 3600 Premium Color Body Shop Masking Tape ‒ a premium tape with a crepe paper backing and a rubber resin adhesive guaranteeing excellent performance for automotive masking in terms of temperature and painting resistance.
3600 automotive masking tape


3710 automotive masking tape


Find out the whole range of tapes for automotive masking available in our catalog:

Masking Tapes


PPM, manufacturer and supplier of the best automotive masking solutions

Since auto body shops rely on products to tape off cars, trucks, motorcycles, and many other applications, PPM knew how important it was to offer the most comprehensive line for automotive masking.

Our engineering capabilities thus led us to the creation of high-performance masking tapes that specifically guarantee:

  • sharp paint lines
  • high conformability
  • time optimization
  • no adhesive residues when it comes to removing paint

In addition to these features, PPM’s tapes are excellently able to offer higher tensile strength while withstanding elevated temperatures, thanks to their specifically designed formulations.

private label automotive masking tapes

But that’s not all: if you’re looking for an automotive masking tape that exudes the essence and image of your company, you can create your own product through our private label service!

PPM guarantees several customization possibilities, especially in terms of:

  • designing the core of the tape for automotive masking
  • selecting the shrink packaging and its labels
  • choosing branded single roll packaging
  • picking a shipping box and its labels
  • customize the display for your shop

Do you need to develop your personal tape from scratch? We can help you!

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