11 October 2019

Automotive masking tape manufacturers: this is how we do it

We are your entrusted automotive masking tape manufacturers, with a wide range of professional and performing adhesive products. But before we present them below: have you ever wondered how we produce our masking tapes?

Automotive masking tape

The 3 steps of automotive masking tape manufacturing

As automotive masking tape manufacturers, we manufacture each tape following these 3 steps:

  • Adhesive
  • Coating
  • Slitting

1. Adhesive

The actual adhesive is combined with a solvent necessary to transfer it to the backing of the tape. Depending on the type of tape you want to create, the combination of adhesive and solvent used changes.

2. Coating

The backing roll needs to be coated, but how? Again, it depends on the type of tape. Once the backing is painted, we transfer the adhesive and wait for it to solidify (i.e. we wait for the solvent to evaporate).

3. Slitting

The tape rolls are created as large, wide bands that need to be cut into smaller cylinders and then packed individually. And that’s how automotive masking tapes are born.


Why choose us as your automotive masking tape manufacturers

PPM is internationally known for its long-established activity as a trustworthy and versatile automotive masking tape manufacturer. We provide the automotive aftermarket with a wide range of masking tapes, each designed to anwer a specific need and make the lives of the automotive aftermarket operators’ much easier.

As experienced automotive masking tape manufacturers, we know how crucial it is for automotive masking tapes to have the following characteristics:

  • Resistance to high temperature drying cycles;
  • Low tack and gentle adhesiveness, to not chip away paint;
  • Good holding power;
  • Clean and sharpe edges;
  • No residue;
  • Clean and easy removal;
  • Adaptability to irregular surfaces.

To know more in detail about all the features of a premium automotive masking tape, read this article.

masking tape applications


Our automotive masking tape range

Now that you know how we produce our masking tape and why you should choose us as your automotive masking tape manufacturers, we present you our range. Here is a selection of our automotive masking tapes:

  • 3008 Entry Level Body Shop Masking Tape: this versatile masking tape, made with a crepe paper backing and solvent-based adhesive, is designed for all kinds of paint and applications with moderate temperature drying cycles of up to 60°C for 60 minutes. If you need a stronger resistance to high temperature, we also manufacture a medium grade and a high grade version of this automotive masking tape, which can respectively withstand drying cycles of 80°C (for 60 min.) and 90°C (for 60 min.) or 110°C (for 30 min.);
  • 3610 AquaColor Body Shop Masking Tape: this waterproof masking tape is characterized by a crepe paper backing and a solvent borne rubber resin adhesive. It guarantees great resistance to moisture, water and solvent base paints. It withstands spray painting and drying operations with a temperature resistance of up to 90°C (for 60 min.) or 110°C (for 30 min.).
  • 5040 Precision Line Body Shop Masking Tape: this masking tape is suited to withstand drying cycles at high temperatures up to 120°C (for 60 min.). Thanks to its narrow conformability, this automotive masking tape is ideal for small and curved auto parts like profiles, bumpers, head & bottom lights and car handles. It can be applied to different surfaces such as aluminum, plastic, rubber and glass, without leaving any adhesive residue when removed.


PPM, your trusted automotive masking tape manufacturers and suppliers

As a vertically integrated automotive masking tape manufacturer with production and processing facilities in Europe and Asia, we are able to offer a dual service: both directly supplying end customers – body shops, workshops, various companies – and marketing products under the distributor’s brand.

With our private label B2B service, you can choose how to make your own tape in all its details, from the tape core to the display exhibitor.



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