High Temperature Masking Tapes

PPM Industries is a global manufacturer of masking tapes and high temperature masking tapes for the automotive refinish market. As such, we offer a comprehensive range of tapes to distributors or Private Labels worldwide.


High temperature resistance is the key feature of masking tapes aimed at the automotive aftersales market. Professional body shops draw tons of tapes down to mask off vehicles for repair and painting: besides the paint itself, masking tape is probably the most employed tool in the field.


Masking tape is an essential element of the painting job. A great tape can save hours of work every week, speeding up the job and making it easier and swifter. So, how is high temperature masking tape designed to maximize profitability?

Masking Tape

High temperature resistance is the key

We engineered our high temperature masking tapes to guarantee holding and clean results throughout multiple exposures to heat. In a standard painting job, the vehicle has to undergo several drying cycles:

  1. Plaster drying
  2. Primer drying
  3. Undercoat drying
  4. Basecoat drying
  5. Clearcoat drying.

If that doesn’t seem enough, keep in mind that additional coat layers and, therefore, additional drying cycles, are required to create some particular painting effects. More or less, the average exposure time to high temperature is 90°C for twenty minutes or 110°C for two minutes, and 60-70°C for about one hour and a half*.

Our best body shop tapes are designed to withstand this kind of exposure with a significant margin. Therefore, the painter can use just one application of the tape for the entire job.

Additional features

High temperature resistance is the basic feature, but a masking tape requires much more to be comfortable to use. Our masking tapes for body shop use:

  • Have great conformability to adapt to irregular surfaces
  • Stick to different types of surfaces: metal, rubber, glass…
  • Have an excellent holding power
  • Guarantee clean and sharp lines in any painting job
  • Are compatible with all the most used types of paint
  • Can be easily torn by hand to speed up the masking procedure
  • Guarantee fast and clean removal with no adhesive residue.

Besides, the price is competitive compared to other high quality masking tapes.

PPM Industries medium-high temperature masking tapes

Our range of medium-high temperature masking tapes includes:

  • PPM 3008: the entry level product, with temperature resistance up to 60°C for one hour
  • PPM 3009: medium grade masking tape with temperature resistance up to 80°C for one hour
  • PPM 3010: high grade masking tape with high temperature resistance up to 90°C for one hour or 110°C for 30 minutes

The AquaColor line is a series of professional premium waterproof high temperature masking tapes in different colors. The products boast excellent resistance to moisture and wet, while ensuring excellent hold, sharp edges and clean removal. The tapes provide high temperature resistance up to 90°C for one hour or 110°C for 30 minutes.

To conclude, PPM 5040 is a fine line masking tape ideal for precision jobs such as two tone painting. The tape guarantees razor sharp lines with all the most popular types of paint, while providing high temperature resistance up to 120°C for one hour.

Benefit from our Private Label service if you are a distributor or a brand, and want to add a new product line to your portfolio with our high quality, convenient masking tapes.

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*Drying times and temperatures may vary according to the product and technology you use. All values reported are determined by PPM Industries during workshops with body shops and professional paints producers. Always read the technical data sheet of the products you use to determine the right drying temperature and times.

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