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PPM is a long-time experienced filament tape manufacturer, specialized in the manufacturing of fiberglass reinforced tape, ideal for heavy-duty sealing, bundling, packaging and palletizing.

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How is filament tape manufactured?

Filament tapes are pressure sensitive tapes specifically designed for applications where a high resistance to tensile stress is required. They are extremely resistant to tears, scuffing, splitting and abrasion and are far stronger than other sealing methods, such as glue or twine. They are also an economic alternative to industrial packaging materials and yet just as efficient in their performance. They allow for a clean removal and leave no residue when removed.

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Filament tapes are made of the overlapping of 3 elements:

  • A BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) backing with an excellent tensile strength, that can withstand mechanical stress and prevent breaking;
  • Fiberglass filament inserts that are embedded into the backing to increase its strength and resistance;
  • A synthetic rubber resin adhesive that provides a strong hold on multiple surfaces.

PPM is not like any other filament tape manufacturer: it doesn’t only offer one kind of filament tape but it carries a whole range of filament tapes, giving its customers the opportunity to choose between different levels of adhesion. Let’s take a look at PPM’s filament tapes collection:

  • 1020 Heavy Duty Mono Oriented Fiberglass Filament Tape: this filament tape is a reliable bundling and high capacity reinforcement solution with strong holding power ideal for heavy-duty applications, such as bundling and palletizing heavy objects and heavy-duty carton sealing.
  • 1210 Heavy Duty Cross Weave Filament Tape: here the fiberglass filaments are disposed both vertically and horizontally in a cross weave that is especially engineered to guarantee high-performance and maximum load safety during heavy duty applications, such as bundling, fastening, packaging and securing of heavy objects in the industrial field. The intertwined structure of the fiberglass filaments makes this filament tape the most resistant solution of the entire range.

As you can see, PPM is a fully equipped filament tape manufacturer that can offer you the filament tape best suited to your needs.


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