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    PPM Industries Group is a leading global adhesive tapes manufacturer

    Since 1993 we have been developing and producing masking and other adhesive tape solutions for a broad range of applications, user requirements and markets. With this clear product focus we have become a trusted partner to B2B customers worldwide.PPM. Tape you can trust.

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    As a vertically integrated manufacturer with state-of-the-art production and converting facilities in Europe and Asia, we reliably produce the customized tape solution you need to streamline your business or compliment your portfolio. Talk to us. We are your strategic partner when it comes to manufacturing adhesive tapes.

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    Professional painting: 2 cases requiring special fine line masking tapes

    The professional fine line masking tapes can be declined in different varieties, depending on the particular use they are intended for: we propose two special cases in which a specific tape is necessary.   Professional painting always require high performance masking tapes in order to guarantee a precise, state-of-the-art work:


    New PPM Industries Automotive Car Refinishing masking tape range

    Due to the fast growing knowledge gained in the car refinishing sector, PPM Industries have added a number of new automotive refinish masking tapes to further improve our automotive product offering.   Continued investment in Product Development, implementing higher technology and exceeding the demanding market requirements and standards: PPM Industries

    Fine line painters tape: the masking tape for perfect crisp lines

    Fine line painters tape: the masking tape for perfect crisp lines

    Are you looking for a masking tape to obtain clean and sharp lines while painting? Then, the right solution for you is a fine line painters tape, a masking tape specifically designed to improve the precision of the work.   As we mentioned before on this blog, it does not exists


    Double sided adhesive tapes: easier, cleaner and faster

      Double-sided adhesive tapes are the best alternative to liquid glues (multi-purpose glue, paper glue, instant glues) when it comes to assembling components, both for domestic use both in professional contexts. The reasons why it is always better to use a double-sided adhesive tape instead of a glue are different,

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