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    PPM Industries Group is a leading global manufacturer of masking tape headquartered in Bergamo, Italy. Since 1993 we have been developing and producing masking and other adhesive tape solutions for a broad range of applications, user requirements and markets. With this clear product focus we have become a trusted partner to B2B customers worldwide.PPM. Tape you can trust.

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    As a vertically integrated manufacturer with state-of-the-art production and converting facilities in Europe and Asia, we reliably produce the customized tape solution you need to streamline your business or compliment your portfolio. Talk to us. We are your strategic partner when it comes to manufacturing adhesive tapes.

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    When you should use a high performance duct tape

      In this post, we suggest the right usage for a high performance duct tape, and then we introduce some examples from our range of professional duct tapes. Are you not sure whether to choose a standard duct tape or a professional one? Your choice depends on which tensile strength

    high temperature masking tape

    Automotive masking tape: customize your masking tape supply

      Automotive masking tape is an indispensable tool in any body shop. So why not brand your masking tape supply and expand the strength of your brand in all your customer body shops? Discover our automotive masking tape supply and how you can ask our private label service. Automotive masking


    Waterproof Duct Tape: the best solution for outdoor repairing needs

    A waterproof duct tape should be in the toolbox and in the drawer of every house. This little tape is indeed an incredible tool for emergency repairs, mounting broken parts of almost everything, sealing holes and leaks. When you add waterproof properties, duct tape becomes all-powerful, as it can be

    high temperature masking tape

    How can high temperature masking tape help increase your body shop performance?

    Are you looking for a professional high temperature masking tape? You are in the right place: on this page, we share with you all the essential information about quality high temp masking tape and give you some suggestions about the best product to buy, specifically for automotive professional masking.  

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