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PPM, among other things, distinguishes itself as a strapping tape manufacturer, who can provide its customers with medium and heavy-duty strapping tapes, perfect for bundling and palletizing heavy loads.

Strapping tape, which was invented back in 1946 by scientist Cyrus W. Bemmels, is widely known today for its incredible flexibility and holding power. Its polypropylene backing allows it to stretch considerably without breaking and, most interestingly, strapping tape, once it’s been applied, is able to return to its original shape and size, in order to hold much more securely. Strapping tape allows for load shifting without snapping. As a matter of fact, strapping tape has in many cases replaced traditional stretch film in pallets’ wrapping, as a much more convenient and secure solution.

Strapping Tape

Versatile strapping tape manufacturers

As experienced strapping tape manufacturers, we offer two kinds of strapping tape, with a mono oriented polypropylene backing.



PPM’s strapping tapes are suited for generic reinforcements, industrial packaging, securing, bundling and pallet fastening. Their polypropylene backing makes them elastic and flexible, while the hot melt adhesive provides an extremely powerful hold on the surface. PPM’s medium and heavy duty strapping tapes, with their mono oriented polypropylene backing, guarantee an excellent resistance to mechanical stress, rips and tears, still allowing for easy removal without breaking.

Let’s have a closer look at PPM’s strapping tapes.

1050 Application

If you’d like to know more about our strapping tapes and which one is best for you, contact us! We will assist you with a personalized consultation.

Medium duty strapping tape manufacturer

PPM’s 1050 Medium Duty Packaging Strapping Tape is an industrial pallet and packaging strapping tape characterized by a very high tensile strength. This strapping tape is particularly resistant to mechanical stress and easy to remove without breaking. Our medium duty strapping tape is made of a mono oriented polypropylene backing and a synthetic rubber resin adhesive. Also, thanks to our consolidated expertise as versatile strapping tape manufacturers, our medium duty strapping tape is available in 4 different colors, instead of the traditional, rather limiting black option.

Heavy duty strapping tape manufacturer

PPM’s 1080 Heavy Duty Packaging Strapping Tape is specifically designed for the industrial sector, with a three-layered structure that makes it even more resistant to tears and mechanical stress compared to our medium duty strapping tape. As strapping tape manufacturers, specialized in the industrial sector supply, our heavy duty strapping tape is recommended for securing particularly heavy or valuable loads. It’s easy to tear, easy to apply and extremely resistant, and still guarantees a quick removal, without breaking. Our heavy duty strapping tape is available in 2 colors: clear and black.

PPM really has it all.

As you can see, PPM is a versatile strapping tape manufacturer, who can provide you with the best adhesive solution, according to your specific needs.

If you’d like to know more about our strapping tapes and which one is best for you, contact us! We will assist you with a personalized consultation.

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