PPM Industries, leader among adhesive tape companies

PPM has over 25 years of established experience in the field of adhesive tape manufacturing and, among adhesive tape companies, distinguishes itself as a leading global manufacturer and supplier. PPM has developed a very wide range of tapes, ideal for both utility and professional use, for different markets. Especially:

  1. Building and Construction
  2. Painting and Renovation
  3. Automotive
  4. Packaging

PPM has a great variety of options

Every single one of these markets needs a very specific tape, with specific characteristics that better answer different needs. PPM knows this very well, which is exactly why it has developed a very wide range of tapes belonging to different categories:

Masking Tapes

Masking tapes are made to mask surfaces, objects and edges when painting or decorating. PPM manufactures a very wide range of masking tapes, for both car refinishing and painting. They have a paper backing, are easy to tear and leave no residue when removed.

Masking Tape

Duct Tapes

Duct Tapes are manufactured with a PE backing, which guarantees exceptional tensile strength and elongation properties, making the tape ideal for wrapping and repairing applications on irregular surfaces. Duct tapes are also waterproof and can stick to different materials in semi-permanent applications.

Duct Tape

Filament Tapes

Filament Tapes are made with a polypropylene backing and have a very peculiar characteristic: they are reinforced with glass filament inserts, that can be either mono-oriented or intertwined in a cross weave. These inserts increase the tapes’ strength and resistance, making them ideal for heavy duty packaging and bundling operations.

Filament Tape

Double-Sided Tapes

Double-Sided Tapes are made of a paper siliconized liner with a film or fabric backing that divides the double layer of synthetic rubber resin. These tapes guarantee clean adhesion and excellent holding power both in industrial and DIY applications. The range includes a carpet tape to fasten carpets and mats with no need for glue.

Double Side Tape

Paper Packaging Tapes

Paper Packaging Tapes are made of a brown paper backing, are hand-tearable and easy to unwind. The hot-melt adhesive ensures a strong hold on the surface, and it also provides good tensile strength. These tapes are ideal for sealing cardboard boxes, packages, parcels and envelopes.

Packaging Tape

Strapping Tapes

Strapping Tapes are thinner than the usual tapes, but guarantee excellent tensile strength. Their polypropylene backing makes them elastic and flexible, while the hot melt adhesive provides an extremely powerful hold. They are best suited for generic reinforcements, industrial packaging, securing, bundling and pallet fastening.

Strapping Tape

PPM is different than other adhesive tape companies

PPM is not your average adhesive tape company. As a B2B supplier, it offers a full private label service, allowing brands to completely customize their tapes, in every aspect. PPM can manufacture tapes in desired sizes and colors, customizing them with a brand’s logo, that can go on the tape’s core, on the roll itself or on the shrinking packaging: anywhere the brand desires.

However, being PPM an ever-growing reality led by passion and the desire to thrive, it recently decided to expand its activity and start its own brand, called Q1®: a range of premium masking solutions for professionals of the automotive, painting and renovation markets. Q1 aims at answering the needs of body shops and painters, offering them outstanding adhesive solutions, engineered specifically for them.

Q1 Premium Masking Solutions

PPM really has it all.

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