16 May 2019

When you should use a high performance duct tape

In this post, we suggest the right usage for a high performance duct tape, and then we introduce some examples from our range of professional duct tapes.

duct tape

Are you not sure whether to choose a standard duct tape or a professional one? Your choice depends on which tensile strength and adhesion power you are looking for, and under which conditions.

You should know that, in general, high performance duct tape has greater tensile strength and an outstanding adhesive power, of course, and in addition, it ensures exceptional performances at the most extreme temperature, i.e. between -10° and 60°.

Let’s see a list of cases when a high performance duct tape is required.


6 situations requiring high performance duct tape

If you find yourself in one of these situations or a similar situation, surely what you need is a high performance duct tape.

High performance is in fact required when you are working:

  • On a construction site and you need a support for fence construction
  • In asbestos removal operations
  • In harsh environments, on very uneven surfaces
  • In the construction of structures for the agricultural sector
  • For sealing pipes and conduits
  • For holding sheet metal and other heavy materials.

For needs like these, we provide three different types of high performance duct tape.

duct tape

PPM high performance duct tapes

PPM provides three kind of waterproof professional duct tape; the backing is made of PE laminated synthetic cloth, while the adhesive consists of a synthetic rubber resin, solvent free. They are all resistant in harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures from -10° to 60°.

  • 9062 – Professional grade. A duct tape suitable for use in all weather conditions, both on regular both on irregular surfaces. Its performances reach their best when applied semi-permanently outdoor on polar surfaces. It is especially designed for the enclosures construction, for jointing PE foils and in asbestos removal application to prevent from inhaling dangerous fibers.
  • 9081 – Contractor medium grade. Thicker than the previous one, this is a high performance duct tape suitable for rough surfaces: it is designed mostly for semi-permanent applications in the construction and building industry, but also excellent as a strong sealing tape for tubes and pipes, and as a support in agricultural sector.

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