15 May 2020

Warning tape: the perfect solution to mark off hazard and safety areas

In a time where social distancing has become part of our daily routine, and is most likely going to stay for a while, we have been forced to rethink our concept of personal and social space. Now more than ever, there is a need for an adhesive floor marking tape that is strong, resistant and clearly visible, in order to help us mark off hazard and delimitate safety areas.

For this reason PPM, who is always present on the market with adhesive solutions that make a difference, has developed its floor marking tape: an adhesive red and white hazard warning tape, which is also available in black and yellow, ideal to identify and seal off hazard and safety areas and to mark walkways, ramps, stairways and steps.

PPM’s Floor Marking Tape

How many times has it happened to you to see caution tape just ripped off from wherever it was supposed to be staying? Just lying there on the ground, useless, because the wind, the rain or just someone ripped it apart.

Well, PPM’s floor marking tape is not like any other caution or barrier tape on the market. Unlike these other unreliable marking systems, PPM’s 9063 Warning Tape is adhesive. Therefore, it can be secured steadily and safely on any surface, without it risking getting ripped or ruined.

PPM’s hazard warning tape is:

  • Easy to tear by hand, without the help of a dispenser;
  • Perfectly waterproof, which makes it ideal even for outdoor applications;
  • Able to withstand any weather condition, rain or shine;
  • Strongly adhesive on both smooth and rough surfaces.

Applications for PPM’s hazard warning tape

Now, let’s consider a few day-to-day situations that are going to become ever more commonly accepted in the upcoming future.

Nowadays people have to respect a certain level of distance between each other when they’re in line both inside and outside of any public place. With our red and white hazard warning tape, it would be extremely easy to delimitate areas that are 6 feet apart from each other, so that people can easily understand where to stand in line, without putting others’ health in danger. The warning tape will stick to the floor, withstanding rain, heat and people walking all over it with absolutely no problem.

Or, imagine having to sanitize a public area, like an elevator or a stairway. Our black and yellow floor marking tape would help you delimitate the area in a clear, visible way, getting people to be aware of their surroundings, without having to worry about the tape falling off, which would get people confused whether or not they can go through. Our warning tape is specifically designed to stick perfectly to any surface, in a reliable way.

If you’re interested in our warning tape, please contact us! We will walk you through all the advantages of an adhesive floor marking tape.

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