10 June 2021

The best duct tape is the one you didn’t know you needed… until you do

Duct tape is the kind of tape that everyone, both professionals and utility users, should always have inside their toolbox, because you never know when you’re going to need it. And when you do, having it at hand usually saves the day. PPM offers a wide range of the best duct tape available on the market today: find out our selection of duct tape.

best duct tape

What does the best duct tape look like…

Duct tape (also known as “duck tape”) is one of the most popular tapes on the market because of its incredible versatility and great combination of qualities: water resistant, strong, easy to tear, flexible.

best duct tape

Duct tape is made of the combination of three elements:

  1. synthetic cloth mesh, which is what gives it its tensile strength and makes it hand tearable;
  2. polyethylene coating, which is what makes it resistant to water and moisture;
  3. pressure sensitive rubber resin adhesive, which is what gives it its strength.

The best duct tape is the one that sticks to multiple surfaces – be it wood, glass, plastic or metal, to name a few – enduring water, harsh weather conditions and temperatures.

…and what is it used for?

Thanks to its versatility, duct tape can be used in a great variety of situations: it’s often used by professional contractors during construction works for things like sealing gaps, making general repairs, protecting surfaces from abrasion and such.

best uses duct tape

Nonetheless, it can also be successfully employed in many more other applications both in the wider industrial sector, and in the smaller circumstances of any home – for general tool fixings and DIY activities.

duct tapes

What is the best duct tape? Here is PPM’s selection

PPM displays a great selection of the best duct tape out there, for both professionals and utility users.

Best duct tapes for professionals

  • 9062 Professional Grade Duct Tape: this high performance professional duct tape is the best when it comes to maintaining an excellent adhesion and holding power even in harsh environmental conditions such as low and high temperatures. Once applied – on both regular and irregular surfaces – it can withstand temperatures going from -10°C/14°F up to 60°C/140°F.
  • 9063 Warning Duct Tape and 9064 Printed Warning Duct Tape: both these chevron tapes are the best solution to mark and seal off hazard and safety areas, reliably and effectively. The former duct tape is available in both black&yellow and red&white, while the latter can be printed with the words “PLEASE KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE” directly on the carrier in four different languages.
  • 9081 Contractor Medium Grade Duct Tape: if you are looking for a versatile and reliable low/high temperature resistant duct tape, this one is the best you could possibly find on the market. Thanks to its extremely high tensile strength, it’s suitable for semi-permanent interventions such as sealing or joining different components and materials.

Best duct tapes for utility users

  • 9051 Economy Grade Duct Tape: this entry level duct tape is the best adhesive solution for any DIY indoor application. It’s a great multipurpose duct tape ideal for daily repairs and activities with different materials and surfaces.
  • 9061 Utility Grade Duct Tape: thanks to its higher adhesion, holding power and tensile strength, this water-resistant duct tape can be employed to repair and reinforce materials that need flexibility, protection from damages and temporary sealing.

If you’re looking for the best duct tape out there, you’ve found it! You just have to pick the one that’s right for you out of the entire range. Need help finding it?

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