02 August 2022

The right solution for general masking and curves

Whether you are a professional or a beginner in painting walls, knowing key techniques can help you make this job easier and obtain better results.


Painting a curved surface is never easy. How can one achieve such a hard task? Fear no more, because PPM is here to help you!

How to mask curves for painting

Generally, there are a few steps to follow in order to mask a curved surface for painting. It mostly depends on what your job requires and which surfaces are concerned. But how can this process be performed? Let's find it out:

  1. Before proceeding to paint you should start by masking large areas such as ceilings, walls, windows, and furniture to protect them from any drips or marks from the paint.

  2. Next, get rid of dirt and debris that will have an unsightly effect once fresh paint is applied to it.

  3. To keep areas next to the wall clean and without any color or paint splash, you will want a masking tape that seals tightly to the surface and come off easily.

  4. Once you masked all areas, you can begin painting the walls. For a professional result add a second layer of paint once the first coat is already dry.

There’s not a single type of tape that will work in every circumstance but we’ve got the right masking tape for your job. Let's see which PPM products are perfect for your painting jobs.

Flexible masking tapes for curves

In our catalog, you will find some of the most incredible solutions that will answer the question "how to mask a curved surface before applying paint to it". Our masking tapes guarantee perfect adhesion for a short period of time, thus are perfect for temporary applications.


2070 flexible masking tapes for curves

2070 is a painter's flexible masking tape for curves painting made with hot melt adhesive. It can stretch incredibly, making it perfect for rounded shapes. Its performances are guaranteed at steady temperatures and for indoor jobs.

Upon request, an FSC® certified version of this flexible masking tape for curves is available.


3600 flexible masking tape for curves

3600 is a premium color body shop masking tape with a flexible crepe paper backing, which can perfectly respond to how to mask curves for painting. It resists high temperatures up to 110°C as well as 3 days of UV exposure.

Thanks to its special colored backing, it's more visible during painting applications and can be removed without leaving any residue.


5040 flexible masking tape for curves

5040 is a precision line body shop masking tape specifically designed for the automotive industry. It can resist high temperatures up to 120°C (for 60 min. max) and it's super conformable, thus making it ideal for extremely narrow grooves.

It is able to guarantee high adhesion when masking curves for painting and doesn’t leave any residue when removed.

Don't you think these flexible tapes are perfect for painting? Discover more about how to mask a curved surface and our adhesive solutions:

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