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    Home / News / The right solution for general masking and curves

    The right solution for general masking and curves

    Whether you are a professional or a beginner in painting walls, knowing key techniques can help you make this job easier and obtain better results.


    Before proceed to painting you should start by mask largest areas such as ceiling, walls, windows and furniture to protect them from any drips or marks from the paint.

    Next, get rid of dirt and debris that will have an unsightly effect once fresh paint is applied on it.

    To keep areas next to the wall clean and without any colour or paint splash you will want a masking tape that seal tightly to the surface and come off easily.

    There’s not a single type of tape that will work in every circumstance but we’ve got the right masking tape for your job.

    For general masking for simple painting job use S040, is the perfect tape for general indoor home use. For application in construction, work sites or industrial contexts use S060 masking tape, it is suitable for any type of paint. There are two versions: one for standard masking, and one with less adhesion for masking over delicate surfaces, this masking tapes is S060 LT.

    But when it comes to mask curved areas such as half circle board window or if you just want to express your creativity with curved shapes you will need a flexible masking tape that adapt perfectly to any curvature. With our high crepe paper masking tape 7020HM you will mask every curve.

    7020HM masking tape for curves is particularly recommended in the building sector when high elongation is required to design difficult and tight curves. Thanks to the thick adhesive padding, this flexible masking tape works well on rough surfaces like stucco and brick and is suitable for all types of paint.

    When you use 7020HM masking tape make sure you fully stretch out the tape on the outer edge of curves, so that paint will not run underneath the crepe.

    Once you masked all areas, you can begin painting the walls. For a professional result add a second hand of paint once the first coat is already dry.

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