19 November 2020

Removable double-sided carpet tape, in case you change your mind

Having construction done at your house is an exciting process. New paint, new look. However, the process itself can be rather stressful. Don’t worry, we know what you need: a removable double-sided carpet tape that will come off like a piece of cake. With removable double-sided carpet tape, you can easily fasten felts on the floor to protect them from damage and then remove it easily when you’re done. Find out all about it in this article!

double sided flooring tape

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Having construction done at your house is an exciting process, but it can be rather stressful. Construction guys spilling paint everywhere, leaving their dusty shoe prints all over the floor. Nobody wants that. This is why you need removable double-sided carpet tape to protect floors and furniture from paint and dust.

Can you imagine being done with construction, and not being able to remove the double-sided tape? It just won’t come off without leaving those awful sticky residues! A real nightmare.

What is carpet and flooring tape?

Flooring tape is a specific type of adhesive tape that is expressly designed to be used on different kinds of floors. It can be used both in the industrial and domestic fields – mostly for home projects – and its application can last for months, even years!

You might also find this product under the name of carpet tape, which means that you can use it to fix rugs, mats, moquettes, and other carpeting materials on the floor and prevent people from slipping.

In this case, of course, we're talking about double-sided flooring tape. This solution in fact has two adhesive sides that ensure the perfect sticking of the material on the desired surface.

Double-sided carpet and flooring tapes are not permanent:

  • on the one hand, this means you can use them for temporary projects and remove them easily and neatly once the job is done
  • on the other hand, whether you need permanent results, they can last for a very long time once applied

In this article, we're focusing on removable double-sided flooring tapes.

How to use a removable double-sided carpet tape

The manufacturing of removable double-sided carpet tape is carried out starting from three main elements:

  • A carrier, made of polypropylene or polyester fabric
  • A liner, made of siliconized paper
  • A synthetic rubber resin adhesive

Using a removable double-sided carpet tape is actually pretty easy: you just need to unwind the tape, stick it to the desired area, and once it’s positioned, just peel off the liner and attach the felt. The two surfaces will be securely bonded until you desire.

This is exactly why this tape is so unique: if for some reason you need to reposition the felt, you can easily do so by removing the tape; it’ll come off as easily as you applied it and it will leave no residue at all.

When to use removable double-sided carpet tape

However, constructions aren’t the only occasion in which removable double-sided flooring tape comes in handy. In fact, it’s also ideal for event planning.

This type of tape is perfect to temporarily hold the flooring in place in convention and trade show spaces, ballrooms, and other large venues. It’s the perfect way to make the flooring look seamless in the space while still being able to reposition or remove it easily, quickly, and cleanly.

In these kinds of situations, the carpeting gets exposed to a lot of foot traffic, which is why is so fundamental for the carpet tape to be able to hold securely; at the same time, when the event is over, it also needs to be easily removable with minimal cleanup.

Lastly, removable double-sided carpet tape can be a great resource also for personal use. It can be used to fasten carpets to the floor, to make sure no one will slip on them. And if you’re not satisfied with the carpet’s positioning, you can always change it by simply removing the tape. The perfect tool if you’re an indecisive person and need a few tries before you can make up your mind.

double sided carpet and flooring tapes

PPM’s range of removable double-sided flooring tape

Here is PPM’s range of removable double-sided carpet tape:

  • 8226 General Purpose Double-sided Fabric tape: this tape is made with a BOPP carrier and synthetic gauze designed to guarantee excellent bonding with different materials on multiple surfaces, for a prolonged time. It can be torn by hand and it’s easy to remove without ripping or tearing.
8226 double sided flooring tape
  • 8050 Carpet Double-Sided Film Tape: this tape is made of an OPP carrier and it’s primarily designed to fasten carpets, mats, and other flooring materials in a swift way. It’s definitely one of the best solutions on the market for those who need a removable double-sided carpet tape that is good for both home and professional use.
8050 double sided flooring tape
  • 8030 General Purpose Double-Sided Film Tape: this tape is made of a BOPP carrier, a siliconized paper liner, and a synthetic rubber resin solvent-free adhesive. It is ideal for core start-ups and non-critical applications on flat surfaces, both in the industrial and DIY fields.
8030 double sided flooring tape

If you need a removable double-sided carpet tape that will come off easily without leaving any residue, contact us! We will explain all the advantages of our tapes

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