19 June 2019

Professional painting: 2 cases requiring special fine line masking tapes

The professional fine line masking tapes can be declined in different varieties, depending on the particular use they are intended for: we propose two special cases in which a specific tape is necessary.

masking tapes

Professional painting always require high performance masking tapes in order to guarantee a precise, state-of-the-art work: sharp angles, outlined edges, uniform color application. On the other hand, painters do often have to deal with tough working conditions, such as:

  • Particularly delicate paints or surfaces, which could be damaged by the use of a standard masking tape.
  • Indoor multi-surfaces, especially when placed one after the other at a very close distance.

To grant a successful solution to both issues, PPM has designed two special fine line masking tapes – PPM 5020 and PPM 5010. These tapes offer instant adhesion to a wide range of surfaces, and are easy to apply on curved profiles and irregular surfaces for clean and smooth paint lines.

Fine line masking tape for delicate paints or surfaces

When painters have to work on a delicate surface – such as finishes, wall covering, touch-up, wallpapers – the risk of ruining it is always on the lookout: the masking tape, if it is too sticky, can detach parts of the coating and ruin a job that should be impeccable.

For this reason, in PPM, we have developed a specific fine line masking tape characterized by a low tackPPM 5020. Its backing is made of Japanese washi paper: a fine kind of paper obtained from the vegetable fibers of mulberry trees and other plants found in the area, and traditionally used for origami and for shodō, the art of calligraphy; the adhesive is a gentle acrylic.

The result is a fine line masking tape that really requires minimal force to be removed, leaves no traces of adhesive (even after a prolonged application of 15 days) and is extremely easy to apply. In addition, it is resistant to water and solvent-based paints.

masking tape applications

Fine line masking tape for indoor multisurfaces

When instead the painter has to deal with a tight alternation of different surfaces, maybe even placed one very close to the other, then the fine line masking tape must be performing and effective on a wide variety of substratesPPM 5010 is the universal fine line masking tape with controlled adhesion and excellent paint anchorage, designed to be applied on a various range of surfaces:

  • PVC
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Plaster walls

But its most important feature is its behavior when applied and maintained for several months indoors: in fact, 5010 resists up to 6 months indoor, guaranteeing a clean removal thanks to the washi paper backing and the water base acrylic adhesive.

masking tape 5010

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