11 February 2022

Professional Double Sided Tape: Choose PPM’s Range

When it comes to professional double sided tape, PPM is the best in the game. But have you ever explored our private label service too? Find out in this article our high-quality and resistant tapes as well as the most professional customization service you can ever receive.

professional double sided tape

Professional double sided tapes are a powerful and efficient solution when it comes to bonding dissimilar materials together – their resistance and long-lasting performance can testify to that.

PPM is a manufacturer of tape solutions offering a wide range of adhesive products for each and every need. In our catalog, you will find a high-quality assortment of professional double sided tapes. Let’s take a look!

Professional double sided tapes manufactured by PPM

8030 Professional double sided tape

professional double sided tape 8030

8030 General Purpose Double Sided Film Tape is a professional double sided tape specifically designed as a no-mess alternative to glue for both industrial and DIY applications. Its versatility, in fact, allows it to be used on dissimilar materials and surfaces. Among its main features, it offers high adhesion and is not hand tearable.

This professional double sided tape is made with film, thus it’s perfect for light-duty attaching and mounting tasks – always guaranteeing a strong and long-lasting hold. Ideal for building and construction purposes, it comes in the colors yellow and brown.

8050 Professional double sided tape

professional double sided tape 8050

8050 Carpet Double Sided Film Tape is a professional double sided OPP tape, which means that the adhesive is applied to a film made of polypropylene. It’s highly performing specifically to fasten carpets, mats, and other different flooring materials and surfaces.

The structure of this professional double sided tape is three-layered, thus improving its mechanical features and its resistance to tearing. It’s an ideal solution for building and construction because it guarantees good holding power and excellent contact on smooth and rough surfaces. It comes in yellow and brown.

8226 Professional double sided tape

professional double sided tape 8226

8226 General Purpose Double Sided Fabric Tape is a premium professional double sided tape with exceptional adhesive power. Is it made with a synthetic gauze and a BOPP carrier, so that its features are incredibly enhanced by a double line stretching in both machine and transverse directions.

This professional double sided tape can easily bond dissimilar materials and surfaces with long-lasting performance and can be torn by hand. Its three-layered structure makes it perfect for furnishing and carpet applications. It is available in brown and yellow.

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PPM and its private label service for professional double sided tapes

PPM is not only a manufacturer of professional double sided tape, we’re also able to offer a customization service for each one of our products. This is what private label means: we take care of the creation of specific tape solutions according to your needs and preferences.

Specifically, you can choose a wide range of customization options, such as:

  • designing your own tape core, to brand your professional double sided tape and make your logo visible when using it. You can choose a core with a simple logo and a maximum of two colors or more complex colors and logos. Otherwise, you can opt for a neutral tape core.
  • choosing a shrink packaging, to give extra protection to your professional double sided tapes. You can choose among different types of tower packs, sealing bags, roll wraps, and flats. And whenever you have chosen the most ideal packaging, why not apply a specific label to it? You can design it from scratch.
  • creating a branded single roll packaging, so that the products you wish are immediately recognizable and attractive. We offer a wide range of boxes, cuffs, and roll wraps to choose from!
  • defining your shipping box, to show your customers that you care about details. This is one of the best ways to communicate the values of your company, so take a look at our options and put a customized label on them!
  • The final step in PPM’s private label service is customizing a display, to showcase your professional double sided tapes in the best possible way. Our displays – countertop or floor – are in corrugated cardboard and will make your company stand out among other brands.

With our quality and eye-catching private label options, we can help you boost the visibility of your brand and improve the design of the professional double sided tapes you need. So, after choosing the most suitable PPM’s products, you should definitely take a look at our complete customization solutions!

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