14 March 2017

How to prepare a vehicle for painting in booth

In professional automotive refinishing, the preparation of the vehicle for painting is as much important as the job itself. Appropriate preparation requires a good mix of masking, degreasing, dust removing and booth performance: let’s see how to perform them.

First step: cleaning and degreasing

Before proceeding with masking operations and painting, it is essential that you make sure to have all the surfaces of the vehicle clean. Remove all the dust from the areas you have to mask and paint, and degrease all the surfaces to be sure they are completely dry. Many of the products used for masking lose their effectiveness when used on dirty areas, and the paint itself won’t cover properly the vehicle and give an aesthetic effect.

Second step: masking

You are now ready for masking. The basic product in this operation is masking tape, a product that you can apply directly on the most difficult surfaces to mask, or employ in combination with masking paper or masking film to protect wide areas. For professional results, choose a tape that can withstand the temperature required for paint drying, that doesn’t leave residue when removed and doesn’t break or rip when applied. You can cut the tape with scissors or tear it by hand to obtain small stripes for high precision applications.

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Final step: booth preparation

Using a booth to perform drying cycles in automotive painting is a solution that greatly improves the efficiency of the entire operation. To maximize booth’s performance, keep as much dust as you can out of it – by closing the doors and providing it with an efficient aspiration system – and replace the filters when suggested by the operator manual. In addition, clean the booth carefully after each application: the paint can overspray easily on its walls, creating over time a sort of “dust” that can spoil the following operations.

A great idea to get the highest efficiency from booth operation is to provide yourself with a mobile spray booth. It is an innovative cabin mounted on wheels, which can be moved across the workshop and used only on the specific surface to treat. This kind of booth is perfect for small repairs: instead of heating up the entire vehicle, you can focus the operation only on the area to dry, saving time, energy and money. You can employ the regular booth for bigger jobs, solving most of the logistic problems of your workshop.

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