05 May 2020

Painter’s tape VS Masking tape: what is the difference?

To a non-expert eye, painter’s tape and masking tape might look just the same. They both have a crepe paper backing, that’s true, but they have a few characteristics that make them consistently different from one another.

Let’s see here the differences between painter’s tape and masking tape:

Masking tape is your ideal go-to tape for any house or DIY application. Everyone should always have at least one roll in their junk drawer because you just never know when you’re going to need it. It especially comes in handy for quick fixes and craft projects: it’s easy to tear, easy to peel off, and leaves no residue.

However, when it comes to an actual painting job, regular masking tape may not be the ideal choice. Why use a generic masking tape when you can get a painter’s tape that is exclusively designed to ensure clean lines and no spills? No reason at all.

Painter’s tape VS Masking tape

Painter’s tape and masking tape have very much in common, in terms of appearance and feel; however, there are 3 main characteristics that consistently differentiate them from one another:

  1. Applicability: they are born for different purposes. Masking tape is perfect for general impromptu applications and uses around the house at steady temperatures; painter’s tape is specifically made for painting jobs, indoor and outdoor.
  2. Impact: masking tape can be used for painting, but it needs to be removed in a matter of hours; while painter’s tape can be left on for a long time and still leave no residues when removed.
  3. Functional integrity: water-based paint can cause masking tape to collapse or crumble, letting paint drip on the surface below. Oil-based paint can degrade masking tape more quickly, seeping through the surface. Painter’s tape never collapses nor crumbles whenever the paint is applied.

Can you use masking tape for painting?

When it comes to an actual painting job, regular masking tape may not be the ideal choice. Why use a generic masking tape when you can get a painter’s tape that is exclusively designed to ensure clean lines and no spills? No reason at all.

Of course, masking tape is extremely versatile and can be used for many purposes, like painting and renovation. And it works great. But painter’s tape is specifically conceived as a professional and effective product, and it perfectly suits everybody’s needs to paint and renovate. Improved temperature resistance, reliable stickiness, and easy tearing are only a few of its innovative characteristics. PPM offers a wide range of painter’s tapes for any use and application, whether you are a professional or enjoy DIY.

To answer your question: yes, you could use masking tape for painting, but it’s not ideal. Painter’s tape is a specific product for painting and renovation, and it makes it a lot easier. So, why be generic when you can be specific?

Let's recap the difference between painter's and masking tapes

Did you get why painter's tape and masking tape are two different adhesives? Let's briefly sum up why:

  • painter's tape is a type of masking tape that is expressly made for painting applications. Masking tape can work for painting too, but it might not be as performing as the painter's
  • masking tape is more suitable for general applications – both industrial and DIY – at steady temperatures and for a limited amount of time
  • painter's tape can effectively work for a longer period of time without leaving any residues on the surface
  • unlikely masking tape, painter's tape can resist both water and oil-based paints without detaching from the surface or letting the paint seep through
  • painter's tape is versatile, resistant to high temperatures, and easy to remove. It also offers great strength and adhesion power

PPM’s range of Masking tapes

If you need a light task, generic purpose tape, PPM has a range of 4 different masking tapes, with different adhesive strengths, perfect for all sorts of applications:

  • 6009 Entry Level Masking Tape: with a thinner paper backing and an excellent quality-price ratio, this tape is ideal for basic indoor applications at steady temperatures.
  • 6010 General Use Masking Tape: this tape is practical and versatile, ideal for both professional and DIY applications, and it’s recommended for general indoor use at steady temperatures.

PPM is the leading masking tape supplier worldwide, and the products we provide are perfect both for professionals and DIYers when it comes to quick fixes and craft projects.

PPM’s range of Painter’s Masking tapes

On the other hand, if you need a specific tape for a painting job, PPM has over 10 different kinds of painter’s tape, for indoor and outdoor applications. Let’s look at a few of them:

These are our most effective types of painter’s masking tape, but we can provide you with many other types to suit your painting and renovation needs. You can also create your specific and unique painter’s tape through our private label. PPM is the best supplier for professional and DYI painter’s tapes, and there is no surface that we can’t effectively cover.

As you can see, general use masking tape and painter’s tape are very much alike but are definitely not the same.

If you want to explore all of PPM’s painter’s and masking tapes, contact us! We’ll gladly show you which one is the right one for you.

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