11 December 2021

Industrial duct tapes you can rely on

Duct tape is the MVP of every toolbox. It’s widely known for its versatility in DIY, quick, and easy fixings around the house. However, its qualities make it a perfect match even for the industrial sector. Let’s take a look at PPM’s range of tapes and how they can be employed in the industrial field.

industrial duct tape

Industrial duct tapes: PPM’s selection

PPM offers a wide range of tapes, ideal for different kinds of applications. Here is a selection of PPM’s duct tapes most appropriate in an industrial context.

9062 Professional Grade Duct Tape

This professional high performance duct tape is specifically designed to maintain its strong holding power even in harsh environmental conditions, such as low and high temperatures (from -10°C/14°F to 60°C/140°F) on regular and irregular surfaces.

Amongst industrial duct tapes, 9062 is one of the best tools for the building & construction field, for vehicles and tools fixing, structures building in the agricultural sector, and whatever application that needs a high performance tape.



9081 Contractor Medium Grade Duct Tape

This professional contractor duct tape is designed to sustain challenging jobs in all weather conditions. Its superior adhesion and holding power – even on difficult surfaces – allow it to be extremely versatile and reliable.

9081 is characterized by an extremely high tensile strength which makes it especially suitable for semi-permanent interventions such as sealing or joining together different components and materials.



The qualities of industrial duct tapes

PPM’s industrial duct tapes present a set of qualities that make them particularly adaptable to the industrial setting:

  • Adhesive and tensile strength: the two properties that make our duct tapes so unique and useful are their adhesive strength and tensile strength. Adhesive strength depends on the type of glue used, which is a synthetic rubber resin. Tensile strength depends on the weave of the cloth layer, which is made of a PE Laminated synthetic cloth.
  • Water resistance: if you’ve heard the expression “like water off a duck’s back,” you may be surprised to learn that this was the original inspiration for duct tape. The synthetic layer coating the cloth is what gives industrial duct tapes their water-repelling powers.
  • Ease of use: industrial duct tapes peel and rip easily and cleanly off the roll, even by hand, for maximum ease and range of use.
  • Color options: PPM offers a wide range of colors that go well beyond the classic black and silver.


industrial duct tapes

Most common uses for industrial duct tapes

PPM’s tapes can be used for a variety of industrial maintenance, splicing, insulation, bundling, repair, and operations jobs which include:

  • Power cord holding;
  • Wire pulling;
  • Joint reinforcement;
  • Template holding;
  • Bundling.


Private label industrial duct tapes

PPM can provide you with a private label service for your personalized industrial duct tapes. If you’d like to have your own supply of tapes for your industrial activity, PPM can offer you a completely customized design and packaging, with your logo and your graphic customizations on the following elements:

  • Tape core;
  • Shrink packaging;
  • Label;
  • Roll packaging;
  • Shipping box;
  • Shipping label;
  • Display. 


ppm duct tapes private label

If you’re interested in our range of industrial duct tapes, please get in touch! We will gladly show you all the advantages of quality duct tape for the industrial sector.

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